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Mileage difference in map versus planner view
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I have created a trip in the map view. When I click on the planner view, the mileage shows a different amount. For example driving between Vancouver and Seattle shows 193 kms in map view, but 227 in planner. In map view I can click on the travel options tab in each segment and manually select ‘drive’ and it will change to 227 kms. However when I click out of that view and then go back, it automatically reverts to 193 kms. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!!
Hi dear Travellerspoint-Team
The same for me .
On my Maping trips, I have on all of them big differences.
No idea how it comes...But it's not satisfying after all the work..!
Best regards

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I'm not sure what the Planner view differences are. I can't see any differences there.

If you are seeing different distances in the Stats view though, then this is because that is currently using the actual distance between locations, not the distance travelled along a windy road.