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In the background on the news I see a global climate summit, world leaders, speaking now...

I am pleased it's being spoken about on a government level through diplomacy.
I wish we had ambassadors to the private sector to world with the global community?
Amazon, private airlines, the Royal Mail in the UK is now a traded as a public company owned by share holders and not the state, and they have aeroplanes and trucks too.

What ever happened to sustainable components to reduce our carbon output?
Amazon, I believe have flying drones somewhere, but not here, not yet, and I see vans and lorries/trucks from 4 wheeled to 18 wheeled delivering for the Royal Mail; can we have drones here, and can the Royal Mail buy them for use from Amazon, or is now the Royal Mail another competitor to compete with.
It's all well and good, writing rules, thinking about way to reduce global emissions, while jets are flying and lorries/trucks and vans are driving, in the name of us the consumer in the private sector; how are we going achieve the goals our planet needs for us to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.