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When I was a child, I traveled with my parents - starting when I was about 6 months old - we traveled all over the USA mostly by car but sometimes by train. Visiting family and also we spent some summers in Woods Hole Massachusetts. Then in 1950 when I was 12, we went to Europe. I think my mother arranged this using Cooks. Train and hotel reservations.

After I was married, my husband was in the Navy and we moved every year or two. Driving to each place where my husband Bob was stationed. In 1964, I left my two babies with my mother and flew over to Europe to follow his ship around the Med. No packaged tours, although I did the Amalfi Drive/when I was in Naples, and I did a tour of Tolido when I was in Madrid.

I even acted as a TA for my husband and parents - doing the research in travel books and organizing places for them to visit and for my husband, indicating things he might like to buy. I had a small book put out by Pan Am (I think) which had a few pages on each country, a short list of hotels and places to eat and things to buy etc. Which I gave him with suitable parts underlined. I was able (long distance) to organize for my husband when his ship came in to Rota for him to go to Seville and Ronda.

But now, while I still love to plan and research, I can no longer manage to travel that freely. I need help. And the best way I have found for me to continue traveling is to go on a cruise - and have a travel agent arrange help for me. I travel with family and friends. Because I can no longer pack for myself and I can't carry anything because I have to hold onto a walker or a railing or something with both hands. I can't walk far. So I either have to give up traveling or pay a lot for someone to help me or go on a pre-organized tour.

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