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I don't usually look at places to paranormal investigate, which is rich, as I've looked at places linked to Vampirism and BigFoot/ they were more cool bonuses to the place, no; One trip I have in mind, is soley to investigate the Paranormal.

Location; Liverpool, England.
Bold Street.

Bold Street has an unusually high amount of timeslip cases in such a concentrated area, I just have to check it out.
What to look for... IDK.
How to build something to detect what I don't know what I'm looking for, IDK.
How to find a tachyon even, IDK.
I'm not even sure if I knew how to find a tachyon I would be able to find a tachyon, there's a lot I don't know, but I want to go, nonetheless, and scope out the place, see if I can find anything/work out what's going on.
Every case of timeslip in the area has bought people back from the latter part of the 1990's to the 1950's; so IDK, public library if I find nothing on Bold Street, a quick glance at who was lodging there back then maybe?
IDK. IDK, and we have Covid and the Internet, but, I want to check out Bold Street (and of course, as a visitor to Liverpool for the first time in my life, see the Liver Bird Building)..

If I do this trip, I'd officially have a new hobby, and then I'd maybe want to go to Whitby vampire hunting/Oregon BigFoot hunting, who knows?

But where in Europe has anything worth investigating for a business trip when the business is to figure something out at your expense, so, not a vacation, but a trip (so, see the sights too).
This year, for Covid reasons, I'm thinking England, but, next year, hopefully further.

I only heard of Bold Street by chance, so if anyone's got anything else anywhere else in Europe that's paranormal, please, do share.

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I see you're posting about Bold Street in a couple of threads at once so just a suggestion to familiarise yourself with the Forum Rules. #6 talks about double posting.

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There are hundreds of thousands of places in Europe (and elsewhere) that supposedly have 'paranormal' aspects.

Just the UK: Pretty much every city, town and village has its tales of local ghosts and supernatural events (Whitby has at least 5 such tales associated with it). Every UK castle has resident ghosts and ghostly appearances. A cohort of Roman soldiers 'regularly marches' through the cellar of a York pub. Katherine Howard 'runs screaming along the corridor' of Hampton Court. There are roads which have paranormal aspects e.g. phantom pedestrians or vehicles. There's a whole 1600s street buried underneath Edinburgh with numerous reports of ghosts and ghostly happenings. Many WW2 airfields are 'haunted' by aircrew. There are tales of time-slips in Kent, Norfolk, Cumbria, Wales, Scotland, Suffolk and many more locations.

Don't bother going to your library to find out who lived in a property. Census data isn't held in libraries: it's held by the National Archives. You can see census data online but only up to 1911 (1921 is on its way).

Do go to your library to find out about places in the UK with paranormal aspects in the UK. There are a myriad of books available.

Don't believe what you read on social media sites or sites like e.g. Reddit. Much is invented or exaggerated for effect and a great deal is taken from novels, films and TV programmes accidentally or deliberately misremembered and reported as fact.

If you want to research (anything) thoroughly and accurately you need to use books not websites.

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