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1. Posted by Nemo2 (Inactive 2 posts) 4w Star this if you like it!

Hi All: I guess many/most of you are either in your traveling prime or just starting out - me, I'm winding down, (or have already wound down without acknowledging it); if I make it, (the body starts falling apart rapidly regardless of how you try to keep it afloat), I'll be 79 this year, (my child bride hits 69 three weeks later).

Over the years I've done a little travel, maybe 85-90 countries; the 'big trip' was a couple centuries ago, (1963), across the Pacific by liner from Australia to England, then overland, (the dry spots anyway), by various means, back to Australia.

Our current hope is Northern Romania next Spring, (a ship from Florida to Rotterdam), thence Bucharest - (we 'did' the primarily South/Central part, (well some of it anyway), in the Spring of 2018).

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Welcome to the forum!

I'm imagining the indulgent smile greatgrandmaR will have when she sees what kind of a spring chicken has just called himself "oldest". :) And although it's true we've historically been pretty backpacker-oriented here, there are quite a few other active members here who've hit 60+ and 70+, so I think you'll fit right in.

Travelling by ocean liner in the 50s and 60s always captures my imagination. I had a great aunt and uncle who migrated to New Zealand like that; from their tales, I have the feeling that current day cruises somehow aren't quite the same.

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Oh boy...this'll probably be the first time I've fit in anywhere. ;)

Ships, yeah.....they were still SHIPS 'back then', a fraction of the size many/most are today. The only ones we found almost comparable recently belonged to Croisières de France/Pullmantur and I believe most/all of them ended up in Covid scrapyards.

(I noticed earlier a now defunct thread about about interesting places, and I thought of the tunnel souks in Aleppo, Syria....I image they're pretty much totaled now, but in 1963 they were like 1001 Arabian Nights.)

Backpacking......been there, done....spent my 21st birthday in Colombo, Ceylon, (before it became Sri Lanka)...


Oh, there's this too......I made a couple comments (Eric) after the story:

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Hi, Nemo2!
I see you have a great travel experience. Why don't you publish what you write here in the Forum on your profile page? ;)
~ Happy trails!~

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You are listed as inactive. Would be great to see those adventuress from 1963.

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Hey Nemo! I also would be interested in reading about your adventures. Please, feel free to write about them! And btw there is no age limit for trips and adventures. If your soul is asking for the exploration - go ahead! :)