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i am allmost 58 and i work 7 nights a week week in week out then take my 5 weeks a/l and go somewhere. every 3 yrs when i have the money i give up my job and take a longer trip south america or the silk rd across china. what i9 will say is that i hope you are not still doing it when you are my age . as there are no other old folk still at it you will allways be alone at home and away. relationships are a no no and you will be considered really weird as no one will be able to relate to you. you will end up very impecunious. as you get older young folk that you meet along the way will just see you asa sad old git who ought to be in benidorm. it is an addiction like drugs or alcahol . i do hope you soon go on a rehab programme or you will end up like me . peace and love an ageing hippy

Your never too old Jim

On a bus-about trip round Europe a few years back, there were these 2 old dears on the bus heading in to Strasbourg, they were about 75 & loving it it was an inspiration..