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Hello to everyone, I'm a 60 year old bloke from Liverpool , travelled a fair bit in last few years, but retiring next year , so hopefully world will be open again ,Most of my travels have been with travel groups such as Intrepid, So with retirement and time on my hands looking to backpack in Asia ALONE ...Thailand, Laos,, Vietnam, Cambodia, then fly to Goa for a while, I love the cultures of Asia and have found the people extremely friendly, BUT i am very nervous about getting from place to place booking travel etc, any advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks Ronnie

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Ronnie, so long as you are friendly and open to meeting fellow travelers it won't be hard. SE asia has very well established backpacker routes with easy short distance travel very findable - and along the way you can book most anything. That said the world has changed quite a bit, and the internet will be your friend in finding travel outside of backpacker haunts or for longer routes - or even flying from place to place.

There are still plenty of booking services around many of the big backpacker haunts (Kao San Road), Ho Chi Mihn, and even some of the smaller ones, who can help. Odds are you'll meet plenty of people to travel with too.

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