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Hi guys. In Portugal(Albufeira) at the moment. I have a few points I need a help with please.

It was 12 and over who needed a COVID test when we came into Portugal and is it 11 and over now we will be returning to the UK?

If so where can do buy another Leteral flow test for my 11 year old? Grrrr…

Now this one has me stumped. We are flying back to Manchester then travelling to Hamilton in Scotlsnd where we live.

What are the rules for the day 2/8 PCR tests? As we arrive in Manchester can we just buy private PCR tests and use them, or do we need to buy the ones from the Scottish government websire(£170 each!!!!!)?

It seems to me to be dependant on where you land not where you live.

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Portugal remains on the amber list.

The rules for fully-vaccinated UK citizens returning from amber list countries do not change until July 19th. If you are returning before then (until midnight on 18th) you must follow the existing rules as set out on the relevant official government sites.

This tells you what is required to return to England:


and for Scotland:


You must fill in your passenger locator forms and book & pay for your day 2 & 8 tests in advance of travel. If you don't you won't be allowed to board.

You will be landing in England so, logically, you must follow the English rules first & foremost. Make absolutely certain that your pre-flight test meets the requirements. Children over 10 must take a pre-flight test. If your pre-flight tests don't meet the English requirements you won't be allowed to board.


You can find approved days 2 & 8 test providers here:


Children over 4 must take the days 2 & 8 tests:


You must all self-isolate for 10 days unless you are cleared under the 'test-to-release' scheme by booking a day 5 test.

The Scottish government allows a very few exemptions from the 10-day quarantine for people doing specific jobs:


Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I have read all this already and still a little confused. What I mean exactly is as we are arriving in Manchester then onto Scotland is it definitely the English PCR tests I have to buy for day 2 and day 8?

How do the PCR tests work. I mean the process?

again thanks for the reply.

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I agree it's not particularly clear and imo it really doesn't help that Scotland, Wales & NI have done their own thing.

Both countries operate the same days 2 & 8 test requirements so I can't see that it makes any difference whether you use the English or Scottish booking system. You might want to contact your airline for further clarification/reassurance.

>How do the PCR tests work. I mean the process?

Most providers offer self-swab at home, with the tests being returned for processing. Personally I'd be wary of using very cheap providers: I've recently heard several complaints about tests or results not being delivered, with no refunds given.