Ever have one of those days........

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1. Posted by Cottonwood (Respected Member 658 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Ever have one of those days when you just want to get in your car and/or airplane and just........"go".........and just get lost for a couple weeks to randemly travel to wherever?

I am so ready to do that. The insane heat out west in the USA where I live, now the bad forest fire smoke here in Idaho has put a stop to the hiking I was doing in the surrounding mountains that we can't see anymore, not to mention the 9 to 10 hour work days no thanks to the lack of employ's at my place of buisness and the tourist escaping the big cities.

Sorry, just had to share my stress. If anyone wants to come kidnap me and take me hostage, I prefer to be held hostage in a place with a view in the Alps or one on a nice tropical beach.

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Go for it!

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Yep. Having one of those today actually, nice weather here, only slightly over 20degrees warm and sun is shining, weekend is starting..and I am going to evening shift today and tomorrow..would be awesome to be able to hop a car and steer it somewhere else than work

Venting helps sometime, lets see if it does when I press Submit

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Having gone through the 2020 bushfires I feel your pain with that heat and smoke. The smoke in Sydney was thick for weeks, we were ready with our masks for the on coming pandemic thanks to the bushfire But I know what you mean about wanting to take off anywhere, I call it Itchy Feet Syndrome. Those feelings have been somewhat satiated with our road trip to far North Queensland last month. It was good to just be travelling again even if it was only to the state next door but considering our state borders keep closing that trip was a miracle in itself. Perhaps this is just the new normal of travel, sudden border closure are just another thing we may have to think about and plan for