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Hello everyone,
My names Phoebe, 23yrs old from Ireland. Ive lived a pretty vanilla life so far, with minimal travelling to date, so Ive decided to change that. Im planning to travel South America starting January 2022, with no real time frame but only a cheap budget. As Ive never done anything like this before I am asking for any advice you have about anything; from packing tips, most see/ do things in South america to any words of wisdom you have for me, hostel hacks and essential backpacker items. Any advice is appreciated.
Happy travelling xx

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Be open to talk to others (anybody/everybody) - you will remember the unusual ones (I still remember getting thrown out of a Bolivian border immigration office whilst chatting to a drunk Algerian guy which upset the guards ...). When I drifted round Peru and Bolivia I was horrified seeing youngsters effectively making themselves prisoners in the hostel. I'd leave in the morning with a group of youngsters sitting around talking about what they were going to do tomorrow; popped back at lunchtime and they were still there talking about tomorrow; back in evening and still there talking about tomorrow (and that was how they spent the day/evening whilst an amazing carnival was going on outside - they missed it all). And then they never did whatever it was but next day sitting around talking ... Different city and youngsters spending all day playing snooker in the common area (apparently, according to hostel staff!). They were in some amazing places yet seemed scared to go out and explore.

I'd suggest for a place/area chose a few big things you want to see (e.g. La Paz, Uyuni, etc. in Bolivia) go there and find out from others what else is interesting there - the less well known bits you'll discover can be amazing (loads of amazing places to visit round La Paz). There are some amazing less well known areas to visit (e.g. Northern Peru) - though a lot will depend on how much money and time you have.

Start learning Spanish now. Lots of free resources (e.g. Duolingo) and you don't need much to go a long way. Never be concerned about making a fool of yourself with rubbish language - your efforts will be well appreciated by locals. My personal experience is it's better to use what you have (getting it wrong first few attempts) than talking to Google Translate on your phone ... Laugh when things go wrong (and they will) e.g. My taxi took me to the bus station rather than the airport as I'd not appreciated the use of terrapuerto rather than estación de autobuses (bus station) vs aeropuerto (airport).

When moving on, evening before catching a bus I'd book hostel for 1st night in destination then just each day ask to stay a day maybe 2 longer, etc. until I'd finished, then chose next place, head to bus station, book 1 night ...

Talk to everybody and anybody. If something sounds interesting pursue it. If you want to see somewhere just because there are no tours there don't be put-off. Ask around - you'll get some ludicrous responses but you'll probably find a way to do it.

Don't waste time (and money) on stuff you can do at home. I met quite a few people, traveled with some for a time completely confident it was short term. I was doing my trip not somebody else's.

Avoid needlessly paying too much when you don't need to (you can use extra money to better effect elsewhere). e.g. in Peru, the bus service Peru Hop targets nervous western youngsters and charges ludicrous amounts. Local buses are more frequent, much cheaper, much easier, go to far more places at far more flexible times and you experience far more of the country. And if you end up under budget from the much cheaper bus tickets, take a flight to see the Nazca lines rather than the viewing tower (or allow you budget to go further and spend longer travelling).

I travel to see and experience the countries I'm visiting. I'm not a great nightclub person but you can do nightclubs at home so no need to waste time and money clubbing the night away in amazing cities (plus, getting back to the hostel late at night after drinking is often higher risk ...) - but maybe that's how I see things.


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Hello Everyone,
My name is Amit Diwakar. I Am 22 years old, live in India. I want to do Trekking in the Himalayas. This is my first time when I m going on an adventure trip with budget Friendly. I look for a piece of advice to pack my things up on trekking and what precautions I will take during this adventure activity, what type of hurdle come across, how can I assure my health safety and climb a peak . I am really very excited about my trek. such type of advice is appreciable.
Happy Adventure:)

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One very important thing I missed (but is more obvious now): when people spend their time helping you (no benefit to themselves) say thank you.