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Considering tours in Great Britain with train transportation as travel mode. Been yo London and Dublin and suburbs only.

Enjoy history and meeting locals.

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Train is good for city to city only, in most areas. Hard then to explore beyond the centre. Is it specifically cities you hope to see? What's on your wishlist?

Train does work quite well for a loop around Scotland. The popular route is up the West Highland line from Glasgow to Mallaig, ferry to Skye then buses to Kyle of Lochalsh to pick up the other train line via Inverness back south to Edinburgh.

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>Considering tours in Great Britain with train transportation as travel mode.

I'm not aware of any organised tours by railway, other than fairly short (3-4 day) train + accomm such as these by the long-established & reputable VJV:

but it's very easy..and imo preferable.... to sort out your own routing and book your own accommodation.

All cities, most large towns and even some larger villages still have their own railway station. You can see all the UK railway stations on this map:

and find all train times, details and fares (including for Scotland and Wales) on this official link:

Depending on route, days and times, some fares can be considerably cheaper if tickets are bought online and/or well in advance.

You can very easily use local buses to explore from the railway station's location. All UK settlements which have a railway station are also served by a range of bus services. I enjoy driving and have my own car but I regularly use the train to travel to a base location and then use the local buses to explore the area.

> Enjoy history and meeting locals.

You'll be hard put to find anywhere in the UK which isn't stuffed with history! Pubs are always good places to meet locals....

I suggest you organise your own route. Do make sure you include York (with a day-trip by bus to Whitby, where Dracula's coffin washed up!) and I'd also highly recommend Warwick (castle plus a bus daytrip to Stratford-on-Avon), Newcastle-on-Tyne (with bus daytrip to Durham and train + bus daytrip to Hexham, for its fantastic abbey and the bus which takes you along Hadrian's Wall, stopping at all the main sites), Edinburgh (train daytrip to Stirling and/or Linlithgow), Bangor N Wales for buses to e.g. Caernarfon, Beaumaris and Conway castles and into both Snowdonia and the Isle of Anglesey, perhaps Liverpool, Manchester or Bristol if you're into more recent history (i.e. 1600s onwards). There are simply too many possibilities so I'll shut up for now!