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Hi everyone!

I am planning to visit either the Philippines or Malaysia and I was wondering where I could find and rent a motorcycle or a car.
My friends and I want would rather rent a motorcycle or scooter since the traffic is very chaotic there but we are open to many options.
Please only trustworthy companies / websites

Thank you and have a nice day!

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"...we are open to many options."


What cities are you visiting?

If you book a vehicle ahead of time, and you visit during this Covid thing, you may have a car parked unused for a week or more. Did you consider this? Some expat forums may have local advice for car rental agencies. If a quarantine is in place you probably will not be allowed to drive from the airport.

In Malaysia they drive on the left, same as England and Australia. In the Philippines they drive on the right, same as USA. Is this a problem?

I have been to both countries a few times. I found the local transportation reasonably priced. With a long term rental you may at times be hunting up a parking spot. And, if you get in an accident this could really mess up your holiday. (Travel, health insurance would come in handy if you are injured.) Some countries are now requiring some type of medical insurance. Some policies may NOT cover motorcycle operation.

Most of us look at profiles to see where someone originates from. This makes it easier to come up with advice. For instance, if you come from USA and you have very little time on a bike, my advice would be to skip renting motorcycles or even a scooter because you could kill yourself.

  • Of course you must investigate the particular entry requirements for people coming from your country. And of factor in any quarantine, Covid tests and necessary shots.

Come on back.

(Sounds a little like a setup for spam posts.)

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In which way could my question be a spam?

It may sound strange maybe but I just found this forum and asked the first thing I had in my mind since I and my friends are so excited about going to Asia and are talking about everything already.
About corona, yeah, I see there is a lockdown now for example in the Philippines but we are just curious about how to organize ourselves once there :)

Thanks for the info

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Quoting valtravel

In which way could my question be a spam?

We suffer a deluge of spam. Most first time posters with blank profiles are just dropping either direct spam or are posing questions which are spam setups for them to reply to using another account, so trying to drop spam by appearing to answer a user's question.

As you've given a human answer, we can see that you're very unlikely to be a spammer. :)

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"we are just curious about how to organize ourselves once there..."


Only you know which country you will visit. What city? Only you know what your budget is. Only you know the driving experience of your companions. You say "rent a car or a motorcycle," can all of you fit in a single car? Any children with you? Family group or a bunch of teenagers out to ride bikes recklessly at beach areas?

Some hotels can arrange car rentals. An expat forum might have advice. Google can be useful.

Local transportation is reasonably priced. In the Philippines, even Manila, there is cheap Jeepney service. I had no problem in Malaysia finding transportation that I thought reasonably priced. (I am a cheapskate and always look for bargains.) Sometimes local travel agencies have shared van service transportation with pick up from your hotel and deliver you to the next city. Bus service is available. (This was how it was in the olden days before this "Virus" thing.)

Come on back, I don't think anyone is going to visit these countries with normal entry for quite a while. Plenty of time for research.

  • Google up expat forums for country of interest.

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