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I have had a death in the family and need some clarity.

I live in Sydney Australia and need to get to Toronto Canada asap.

I am planning on traveling in about 10 days, but having trouble getting clear information form USA (If I got hat way) or UAE (if I go that way)

HAs anybody got clear instructions or have links to help me?

Thanks all.

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I am sorry for your loss.

1. There are plans to allow fully-vaccinated Australians to travel abroad fairly soon but, at present, travelling abroad is only allowed for very specific reasons. If you have not already done so you will need to apply online for an exemption which will allow you to fly to Canada. The application form is linked on this page:

I am going to assume that you have been granted permission to travel.

I am also going to assume you are an Australian citizen and do not have Canadian citizenship (it is very difficult to answer questions related to country entry requirements without knowing the citizenship).

2. Entering Canada:

If you are fully-vaccinated the page below lists the steps you must take before trying to enter Canada:

You must have proof of a negative Covid test taken in the 3 days before departure.

If you are not fully vaccinated you must apply for compassionate entry. This page gives the details:

3. USA.

Even if you are only transiting the USA you will must apply for an ESTA before you travel. ESTAs are usually processed fairly quickly but I'd advise you to apply as soon as your flight plans are certain. It costs 14USD to apply and ESTAs remain valid for 2 years. Use the official link here:

You must also provide proof of a negative Covid test taken within 3 days of your departure to the USA.

4. UAE:

I assume you will transit via Dubai.

If you intend to enter Dubai (i.e. leave the airport) you must have a visa and printed proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of departure.

If you are just transiting Dubai you'll be able to apply for a transit visa via the airline. You may not need to show printed proof of a negative test but imo it would be sensible to have it available.

Note that transit via Abu Dhabi is slightly different. Your airline will have details.

5. Although there are some exemptions the Australian government has banned its citizens from travelling overseas.

When a country bans travel to another country or countries that action usually invalidates all ordinary travel and travel health insurance.

Do check that your travel and travel health insurance will remain valid.

I'm sorry all this is so complex. I do hope you successfully manage to navigate all the obstacles which have been put in your way.

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Quoting leics2


I am full of admiration for the effort you go to in order to try to help people here.

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Thank you so much for this information. There is a special place in heaven reserved for people like you.

I should have been a little clearer, however I’m a little spaced out at the moment.
It was actually my wife’s father, who was like a father to me. She is Canadian and hold duel citizenship.
We have also had, and recovered from Civid 19 and had one jab

We have been able to apply through Home Affairs and after your recommendation we will upload to the Canadian website.

We have also decided that I will just let her go and be with her twin sister. As I only have an Aussie passport and I don’t want that to be the catalyst to slow down the approval process or even get it knocked back.

thanks again and anymore information will be very much appreciated

god bless

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Thank you, Andy. I've always done it.... it can be a nightmare trying to find the relevant information on official sites. :-)


Thank you for the extra information.

I think you and your wife have made the right decision, especially as neither of you are fully-vaccinated. The fact that this was your father-in-law and not a 'close family member' (in official eyes) could also, sadly, have been a stumbling block.

When you are ready to book flights I suggest that you contact the airline directly (you may be put on hold for ages) to double-check exactly what documentation they want to see for transit and entry to Canada. Airlines will simply not allow passengers to board if they don't have the correct documentation. Your wife must print out everything (don't just rely on e.g. using a phone to show documentation) and keep it with her. It might be a good idea to get a 'display book' (folder with transparent plastic sleeves) to keep everything safely together.

I do hope your wife manages to be with her twin sister.

Please do double-check that she will be covered by travel and travel health insurance. I'm afraid you may have to pay an extra premium.

I wish you and your wife the best of luck.

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