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hello I am a young teenager who is going to Bangkok with her father. I wanted to ask if anyone from Bangkok is here

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".....going to Bangkok with her father..."


Do you have a specific question?

  • Because of Covid 19 keep in mind things can change at the last minute! Flights may be cancelled, hotels may cancel, etc.

Verify that your father is aware of the various requirements to enter Thailand. Because of this "Covid thing" entry is not like years ago! There may be a quarantine in effect when you show up along with further tests. There are insurance requirements you must adhere to. Proof of Covid vaccinations required.

You can read the local city newspapers for information. Sample Bangkok Post article is below:

Another newspaper is the Bangkok Nation:

ASEAN NOW is a specific expat forum for this part of Asia. Sample link below:

  • Check your messages for a link to another travel forum (TripAdvisor) with - hourly - questions and answers from tourists and expats living or intending to visit Thailand.

The important thing right now is for your father to check with the Thai Embassy in your country for the latest up-to-date entry requirements. Being a minor, depending on where you come from, there may be an official requirement to get permission from your mother to even leave the country. (This is to prevent child abduction.)

I am not in Thailand at this time. I have lived there for a while and was a frequent visitor until medical issues prevented me from flying and then Covid changed things. Outside my house right now it is 23 degrees (f) outside. Wish I was in Thailand!

Good luck.