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31. Posted by Borisborough (Moderator 1805 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Travel Quiz #7
15 multiple-choice questions followed by five pictures - all about national parks.

1 Snowdonia National Park is in
a England
b Scotland
c Wales
d Ireland

2 Canyonlands National Park is in
a New Mexico
b Arizona
c Nevada
d Utah

3 How many national parks does India have?
a 36
b 66
c 116
d 160

4 Angel Falls is in which one of Venezuela’s national parks?
a Canaima
b El Gauche
c Turuépano
d Henri Pittier

5 Which of these is not a national park in Tanzania?
a Ngorongoro
b Arusha
c Kilimanjaro
d Serengeti

6 Praslin National Park is in which island country?
a Maldives
b Seychelles
c Sri Lanka
d Comoros

7 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is part of the forest in which country?
a Rwanda
b DR Congo
c Zambia
d Uganda

8 How many national parks are there in Australia?
a around 100
b almost 300
c nearly 700
d over 1000

9 Isla Bastimentos National Park is in which country?
a Guatemala
b Honduras
c Costa Rica
d Panama

10 How many national parks are there in China?
a 1
b 11
c 111
d 1111

11 Bako, Gunung Mulu and Kinabalu are national parks on which island?
a Borneo
b Java
c Bali
d Singapore

12 Al Saleel National Park is the only national park in which country?
b Saudi Arabia
c Oman
d Yemen

13 In which national park are visitors most likely to see tigers?
a Lake Manyara
b Ranthanbore
c Virunga
d Jasper

14 Which of New Zealand’s national parks is the most southerly?
a Abel Tasman
b Egmont
c Fiordland
d Rakiura

15 Cinque Terre National Park is in which country?
a Spain
b France
c Italy
d Malta

16 In which South American national park is this?first.jpg

17 Name this Guatemalan national park

18 Which Tanzanian national park is home to this lioness?220.jpg

19 These small falls are in which Venezuelan national park?

20 Which national park is home to this silverback?

32. Posted by Teoni (Travel Guru 1870 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Happy New Year fellow travellers. Hopefully the new year will be a little easier on us;). Here is my quiz, I went for a Unesco theme so we will see how this goes:

Unesco Quiz

1. The Duoro Wine Region in Portugal is famous for which fortified wine?

a) Sherry
B) Port
C) Muscat
D) Madeira

2. In Croatia Plitvice's Unesco site is a series of what?

A) Aqueducts
B) Lakes
C) Canals
D) Swamps

3. What do you go to see in the Lascaux caves in France?

A) Remains of Ice Age animals
B) Unique natural Formations
C) Palaeolithic cave paintings
D) Burials of Neanderthals

4. The Curonian Spit stretches across the coastline of which country?

A) Lithuania
B) Latvia
C) Estonia
D) Poland

5. Marae Taputapuatea complex is on which French Polynesian Island?

A) Huahine
B) Tahaa
C) Raiatea
D) Maupiti

6. The Moai of Easter Island (Rappa Nui) are what?

A) Shrines
B) Garden Pits
C) Stone Statues
D) Rock Carvings

7. How many Unesco sites are in Taiwan?

A) 0
B) 2
C) 5
D) 8

8. Which Japanese city has 17 monuments in its Unesco listing?

A) Tokyo
B) Osaka
C) Hiroshima
D) Kyoto

9. Which of these Mexican historic centres is NOT Unesco listed?

A) Mexico City
B) Oaxaca
C) Merida
D) Puebla

10. Which of these Puerto Rican tourist attractions IS Unesco listed?

A) La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site
B) El Yunque National Forest
C) Isla de Vieques
D) Caguana Ceremonial Ball Courts Archaeological Site

11. Which of these USA national parks was Unesco listed because of it contains thousands of hot springs, mudpots and fumaroles, and more than half of the world’s active geysers?

A) Yosemite National Park
B) Yellowstone National Park
C) Grand Canyon National Park
D) Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

12. Which Sydney Australia tourist attraction is Unesco listed?

A) Sydney Harbour Bridge
B) Queen Victoria Building
C) Sydney Opera House
D) Royal Botanic Garden

13. Which Australian Unesco National Park contains a large sandstone monolith?

A) Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
B) Purnululu National Park
C) Blue Mountains National Park
D) Kakadu National Park

14. In Spain ICH Unesco listed Flamenco is what?

A) Type of Music
B) A local dish
C) Style of Pottery
D) Type of Dance

15. Which country's beer culture is ICH Unesco listed?

A) Belgium
B) Czechia
C) Germany
D) Poland

16. Which festival is ICH Unesco listed?

A) Oktoberfest, Germany
B) Day of the Dead, Mexico
C) Carnival, Rio de Janeiro
D) Diwali, India

Identify the Unesco sites in these photos:


Good Luck:) Answers here:

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33. Posted by Borisborough (Moderator 1805 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Travel Quiz #39


1 Larnaca and Paphos are towns on which Mediterranean Island?
a Malta
b Crete
c Paxos
d Cyprus

2 Sanibel Island is in which US state?
a California
b Florida
c North Carolina
d Oregon

3 By area, which is the largest of the Galapagos Islands?
a Isla Santa Cruz
b Isla Isabela
c Isla Fernandina
d Isla de San Cristobal

4 Which island lies off the coast of Perth, Western Australia?
a Rottnest
b Fraser
c Whitsunday
d Kangaroo

5 The island of Borneo is shared by which three UN countries?
a Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei
b Indonesia, the Philippines and Brunei
c Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei
d Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia

6 In which country would you be able to take a trip from Killarney across to Valentia Island?
a Australia
b New Zealand
c Bermuda
d Ireland

7 Along with the North Island and the South Island, which other island makes up the bulk of ‘mainland’ New Zealand?
a Stewart Island
b Fraser Island
c Niue
d Tokelau

8 Caye Caulker is an island belong to which Central American country?
a Mexico
b Honduras
c Belize
d Guatemala

9 On which island in the Philippines are the Chocolate Hills?
a Palawan
b Luzon
c Bohol
d Cebu

10 Elephantine Island in the middle of the River Nile is in which Egyptian city?
a Luxor
b Cairo
c Aswan
d Alexandria

11 Alonnisos, Skiathos and Skopelos are three islands in which Grecian island group?
a Ionian
b Dodecanese
c Sporades
d Cyclades

12 The Japanese capital of Tokyo is on which island?
a Honshu
b Okinawa
c Hokkaido
d Iwo Jima

13 To which Thai island would you travel by ferry from Trat?
a Koh Chang
b Kho Phi Phi
c Kho Samui
d Phuket

14 The Isle of Sheppey lies close to the estuary of which English river?
a The Thames
b The Tyne
c The Mersey
d The Humber

15 The islands of Maafushi and Rasdhoo can be reached by public ferry from Villingilli Ferry Terminal in which island nation?
a Sri Lanka
b Maldives
c Singapore
d Madagascar

16 Lodoicea, commonly known as the sea coconut, coco de mer, or double coconut, is endemic to which island nation?
a Jamaica
b Trinidad & Tobago
c Seychelles
d Mauritius

17 The Road to Hana is a scenic drive on which Hawaiian island?
a Kauai
b Maui
c Oahu
d Molokai

18 Ometepe is a volcanic island in a lake in which country?
a Nicaragua
b Cuba
c Bolivia
d Chile

19 Nuku’alofaa is the capital city of which Pacific island nation?
a Tonga
b Fiji
c Tuvalu
d Samoa

20 Santa Lucia is a terminus on which Italian island?
a Sicily
b Sardinia
c Venice
d Capri

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35. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2734 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

It's not my turn but I think this idea has ground to a halt. For us three still playing, and anyone else who cares, here's a final quiz I had written.

Travel Quiz #42

Round The World theme

1. Which British destination city has a viking centre, city walls, a railway museum and a medieval street called The Shambles?

2. What is the nickname of the rail tunnel connection Britain and France?

3. What's the main tourist attraction in Billund, Denmark?

4. Which city has the landmarks the Fernsehturm and the Brandenburg Gate?

5. In which European capital city would you visit the Fisherman's Bastion and Szechenyi Baths?

6. In which Italian city is the public transport called the Vaporetto and you would visit the Doge's Palace?

7. Which city is on both Europe and Asia, was the capital of the Byzantine Empire and is Europe's most populous?

8. Which city in modern-day Yemen is between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean and in colonial times was governed as part of British India and was a fuelling stop for passenger ships using the Suez Canal between Europe and India?

9. Adam's Bridge is a set of natural limestone shoals between India and which island?

10. Khao San Road is a backpacker district in which city?

11. On the Singapore waterfront is a statue of the mascot of the city, what's it called?

12. Harry's Cafe De Wheels is an iconic pie cart and tourist destination in the Wooloomooloo district of which city?

13. Weta Workshop run tours of their studios in which NZ city?

14. In which South American country could you visit the Colca Canyon?

15. Whilst visiting the Mayan ruins of Yucatan, what linestone sinkholes could you go for a swim in?

16. Moab is the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, in which US state is it?

17. Which tourist attraction was built in the Black Hills of South Dakota starting in 1927?

18. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed house Fallingwater is a world heritage site, in which US state is it?

19. L'Anse aux Meadows is a viking settlement on which Canadian island?

20. Which famous hot pools are near Reykjavik airport in Iceland?

36. Posted by irenevt (Travel Guru 1088 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I’ve decided to have a go.
Travel Quiz # 43

Round One - Etymology
I love learning about the meanings of place names. All of the meanings or nicknames below refer to Asian cities, but which ones? I’ll start with very easy ones and get harder.

1/ Which city’s name means ‘ Fragrant Harbour’ ?

2/ How about ‘ Muddy River’?

3/ Which city’s name means ‘Lion City’ ?

4/ And which means ‘Capital of the East’ ?

5/ Which city’s name means ‘City of Sandalwood’ ?

6/ This city’s name means ‘City that tramples on its enemies.’ Which city is it?

7/ Which city’s name means ‘Capital City’ even though it currently isn’t a capital?

8/ Which city’s name may mean ‘Straw Hat’ ?

9/ This city’s name means ‘Inside the River’ due to its location on a loop of the Red River. What city is it?

10/ Which city’s nickname is ‘Dawn of Happiness’ ?

Round Two: Parks and Gardens
I also love walking around parks and gardens and do so everywhere we go.

11/ Where did I visit The Garden of the Sleeping Giant?

12/ Where did I stroll through the Company Gardens?

13/ Where was I when I wandered around Kelvingrove Park?

14/ How about when I visited the Borghese Gardens?

15/ In which North American city did I take a very long walk right round Stanley Park?

Round Three: Picture Round.
I always make a point of looking at statues as I wander around. The statues below are all in Europe, but where are they?

16/ In which Baltic city could you see this statue?

Photo A

Photo A

17/ Where could you see this one?

Photo B

Photo B

18/ How about this?

Photo C

Photo C

19/ And this?

Photo D

Photo D

20/ Where could you meet the man who could walk through walls?

Picture E

Picture E

37. Posted by Borisborough (Moderator 1805 posts) 49w Star this if you like it!

Okay - we haven't had a quiz for a month or more and I was poring over the atlases today so here's one. I think the questions are roughly in order of difficulty


1 Mongolia is landlocked by which two UN nations?

2 Which UN country is the only country bordering the Gambia to the north, to the east and to the south?

3 Which UN country is due north of Windsor, Ontario, Canada?

4 Which UN country is due south of Key West, Florida?

5 Which UN country is due south of both Angola and Zambia and also due north of Botswana?

6 Which UN country lies about 50km west of Kaunas, Lithuania?

7 Sailing west from the island of Malta, which UN country is the first piece of mainland encountered?

8 Which UN country is due east of Larnaca, Cyprus?

9 Which UN country is the only one in all four hemispheres?

10 Which is the nearest major city to Norway’s Bouvet Island?

38. Posted by irenevt (Travel Guru 1088 posts) 49w Star this if you like it!

Quiz - Where in the World am I?

Ok, inspired by the fact that Borisborough had another go at this, I have decided to take another turn, too.

Round One Airport Codes. I'll start with easy and get harder

1/ OK, let's start with a very easy one. I'm flying out of an airport and my departure code starts LGW, where am I departing from?

2/ I'm a big fan of winter sports I'm about to leave from a city whose departure code is PEK. Where am I?

3/ OK, this time I feel like I've been on top of the world. My departure code says DXB. Where am I?

4/ I've had a great holiday, though it was a bit chilly in December. My departure code says ARN where am I?

5/ My luggage is a bit sandy. I'm leaving from WDH. Where am I?

6/ I've had a lovely holiday wandering around some beautiful temples now I'm leaving VTE. Where am I?

Round Two Currency

7/ My meal was delicious. I'm paying for it in dong. Where am I?

8/ This place also has some of the best spicy food I've ever eaten. When my bill comes, it's in baht. Where am I?

9/ The rail network is very efficient in the capital city I'm holidaying in. When I buy my travel pass I pay in won. Where am I?

10/ I'm taking a ferry to a fairytale island. I pay in kuna where am I?

11/ I thought the parliament building in this city was sensational. When I paid to tour it, I used forint. Where am I?

12/ I'm counting my kwacha to see if I can afford to go and see some wildlife. Where am I?

Round Three Beer. I know you can buy different types of beer almost anywhere, but all my questions will refer to the local tipple.

13/ I'm relaxing over an ice-cold Lapin Kulta. Where am I?

14/ I've been too hot all day. Thank goodness the Bucanero is chilled. Where am I?

15/ It's hot and sweaty here. I'm so glad they serve Tiger. Where am I?

16/ I've spent my time here in beautiful landscaped gardens, visiting castles and wandering through temples. I feel I've earned my Kirin. Where am I?

17/ So much water here. It's making me thirsty. I'm glad I've got a Mosi to knock back. Where am I?

18/ I can't decide between the Cascade or the Boag. Where am I?

19/ The night is young. Let's have another round of Zambezi. Where are we?

20/ I'm really loving my frosty bottle of Habesha. Where am I?

Good Luck!