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1. Posted by matisxx43 (Budding Member 13 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I was planning to fly from Los Angeles (USA) to Thiruvananthapuram. next march any helpful tips to make my journey enjoyable. it's around a 19hrs flight any travel tips would be helpful.

Thanks in advance:)

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1. Double-check all normal and Covid-specific travel and entry requirements a week or so before you travel. Both can change very quickly....and have done so in the past.

2. Print out paper copies of all necessary documents e.g. flight booking, proof of vaccination, proof of negative Covid test. Keep them in your carry-on (cabin) baggage. Don't just rely on your phone.

3. If you need prescription medications pack them in your carry-on/cabin baggage. Keep them in their original packaging and, if possible, also take the prescription or a doctor's letter.

4. Pack over-the-counter medications e.g. headache tablets, anti-diarrhoea tablets in your carry-on/cabin baggage. Keep them in their original packaging.

5. Check India's import regulations for food etc here:

6. Also check entry, Covid and customs requirements for any country where you are changing planes.

7. Double-check what is allowed through US airport security.

8. Essential items for your hand/cabin bag: passport, documents, cash & cards; face masks & hand sanitiser; toothbrush & small toothpaste; over-the counter painkillers for e.g. headache; wet wipes for face and hands; phone + charger; any other electronics; tissues; spare clothing in case of long delays; re-fillable water bottle; neck pillow, headphones or ear plugs and eye mask if you use them.

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As you travelled out already from India to your brother's, according to your previous posts, you presumably know what to expect.

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Sound cancelling headphones I found to be quite useful for cutting out cabin noise if you want to try and get some sleep. It is also good for listening to entertainment as it stops you putting volume too high.

Personally I avoid alcohol unless I get motion sickness (which is very rare for me). It deyhdrates you and can increase swelling in your legs. Stick with water or if the flight attendants are willing you can ask if they can give you diluted apple juice. Apple juice on its own is very sugary and sugar tends to thicken blood but a little bit can be helpful for hydration that is why I suggest diluted.

And do get up and have a walk along the aisles. They say every two hours but I probably myself go every three hours. It can be a pain to get out of the seat but I find I feel so much better after.

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Eat, sleep, watch a movie, then repeat during the flight. Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines fly from LAX to DOH or DBX, then connect to TRV. Otherwise you'll likely have to connect in JFK and the Middle East before flying to TRV. JFK can be problematic weather-wise in March, with delays or flight cancellations (I know from personal experience). Any substantial delay might require you to re-take a COVID test before reaching India.

Please note that you will have to wear a mask during the entire duration of the flights, except while eating and drinking. Masks are required while sleeping.

Currently, all international travelers arriving in India, regardless of vaccination status, must upload a negative RT-PCR report to the Air Suvidha portal taken within 72 hours of the start of their journey. They also must submit a self-declaration form at least 72 hours before departure. See this link: Travelers who are fully vaccinated must also upload a copy of their vaccine certificate to the Air Suvidha Portal.

Note that some airlines will check that you have all the required documentation before allowing you to board. It would be wise to have your COVID test results in both digital and paper form.

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I like having some cough drops or similar sweets to suck during takeoff and landing, this lightens the pressure on the eardrums.

The air on board tends to be very very dry. I find that nose spray (simple salt water, not the medical stuff) helps with dry mucosa inside the nose, something I easily suffer from.

Drink as much as possible (non-alcoholic, hey), grab any water or fruit juice that staff offers during the flight, even if you already have another one or two sitting on your table.

And have patience. After six or so hours, nothing matters any more.

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Thanks to everyone I have some goo tips to follow.

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