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Hi guys, could anyone help me to find some joyful destiny for my vacation...Please share thoughts and ideas here!!!!!!!!!!

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I loved Vancouver Island - the amazing rambunctious botanic garden near Tofino, the old growth rain forest, the busker festival at Victoria. I loved the Castle Mountain hike near Banff, and of course Moraine Lake. I loved eating pizza and sipping ice wine at this one wine bar in Kelowna. I loved playing board games at Snakes and Lattes in Toronto.

...but, y'know, maybe you're not at all into the things I'm into. It helps to give some idea of what you're looking for: culture, nature, historical, lazy, active, ...?

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It would help if you gave us some idea of what you enjoy doing on vacation. Exploring nature and wildlife? Clubbing and dancing? Shopping? Historical sights? Watersports? Hiking?

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If on a honeymoon you can visit Niagara Falls.

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Welcome to the forum -
OK, here's the deal.... Best WHY? Best for WHAT? "Best" lists can be - and unfortunately are - copy-pasted into these forums from more sites on the net than I can shake a stick at. They mean nothing at all to the uninformed tourist unless they appeal to their individual interests, and you have not told us what your interests are. "Everything" is not an answer, BTW.

The other problem here is that we don't know how you intend to get around. There are nice places in Canada that you'd need a car for. Do you intend to drive? Rely on public transit?

We also don't know where you're coming from - and in these interesting COVID times country of origin can matter - if you'll be traveling alone or with others, when you intend to make this trip, your approx. age, past travel experience, etc.

So, you see, "best" of anything depends on many factors. Best for whom? A lot of us who have been active travel forums for many years won't produce "Best" lists at all without asking a lot of questions of an OP beforehand. For instance, I can rattle off a list of terrific hiking trails for the individual who asks for, say, "best" places to go in Utah but it's a waste of my time if I don't know in advance if lacing up the boots is what they WANT to or even CAN do on their trip. I can do the same for "best" in Italy...only my list would be very heavy on museums and archeological stuff that may not appeal to the poster at all. Maybe all they want to do is shop, drink and go to the spa. So if the question is genuine, you'll need to give us a great deal more information to make the effort worthwhile. Make sense?

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Montreal!! It has that North American feel mix with an European feel. A must go place and if you are a foodie try the poutine is a must, their bagel at St-Viateur and of course dessert at queue de castor in the Old Port!!

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I recommend Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Whistler BC is about an hour and a half north of the city of Vancouver, gorgeous views and perfect for skiing. In the summer there are so many trails in all that region that you will not have enough time to finish them all!
There are some very beautiful places where to find airbnbs and in the Fraser Valley there are a few small towns where you can go shopping local for amazing quality products, I specially love Chilliwack's 1881 district with so many shops where to find unique pieces and products (I'm into skincare, wonderful products over there from local crafters!).

Then if you continue through HWY 1, you will get to Hope where you can go to the Coquihala Forest where the Otello tunnels are, a great small trail where you can go down to the river or continue to the tunnels and see some amazing rock formations...

All that region is amazing!