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My boyfriend and I are looking to travel to Australia but stop in Asia on the way. Places of particular interest: Japan, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, then New Zealand and Australia (doesn't matter which way around these two are). We would like to go for about a year, as we have been working too hard for too long in the UK!

What route do you advise we take? i.e. which routes are the most efficient and least costly?😄

Are there any other countries or place in particular that we should visit? I've done loads of research but it would be great to find some hidden gems!

Thanks in advance!

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From memory I think Australia give UK passport holders 3 months and require an ESTA type approval in advance, NZ welcome us for 6 months with no hoops to jump through. So you may want to plan on spending the larger part of your time in NZ. - Which would be my advice anyway as in my opinion there's more to see.

Of your Asia list, Japan is the expensive one and the rest are easier to do on a budget. Most of those places get plenty of travellers and so are pretty easy. Taiwan less so - it's a few years since I went but there wasn't much English understood or signage in latin script. The capital city Taipei would make a very interesting stopover for a few days but I'd be less keen to recommend a longer stay or beyond daytrips from the capital.

Probably the most popular of your list is Thailand, which is very geared up for travellers.

The pandemic will have altered anything to do with cheap flight routes, and may well impact you visiting any of these places for some time to come.

The other popular destinations that you don't mention are Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Maybe you excluded these on cost grounds but they're all interesting.

Aus and NZ are close enough to our home culture that they're easy. Asia less so, and sometimes overwhelming for toi long, if you're looking to unwind. Perhaps a shortish stop outbound and a longer one when returning once you've found your feet.

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You don't say when you plan to travel. If it's this year you'll face many obstacles, including some that are insurmountable at this time. If you're a U.K. citizen, see this link for the entry requirements of the countries you're interested in visiting:

Please note that entry rules can change at any moment, so it's important to remain flexible and have options if your plans go awry.

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