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canadian girl travelling to Europe

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1. Posted by brown_eyes (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey there, i'm am attempting to plan a trip in april 2006 for 2-3weeks to Italy. Well Italy is one place that i want to go and spend most of my time at...i think...esp. tuscany. Actually i don't know where i'm going or how to get there or between cities/countries. I have travelled before but never to europe and am really unfamiliar with how things work there. So i guess i'm looking for any information that anyone can give me on what cities to go to: what to see in the cities: places that are or aren't worth my time: how to get there: places to stay: basically any information. I'm just starting my research into planning my trip and am completely lost. I'm not looking at spending a fortune, i am on a budget, but want to see places and do things, i don't want to stay in a dump, a decent hostel or hotel similiar familiar cheap but clean, safe etc. as i will be travelling alone! I've been told i have to take the train or eurorail i think its called to other countries and to do it at nite to save on hotel exp. what does this eurorail cost? and what cities should i visit. I want to see lots but don't want to spend all my time sitting on a train or something....any info anyone can give me would be awesome.........i'm so excited about this trip but feel completely lost and just want to make the best of the 2-3 weeks that i have...thanx for the help.

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Have you bougth the Lonely Planet guidebook of Italy yet? Its the best detailled budget guidebook

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is a good place to look at hostels. You can just type in the name of the place that u want to go and it will tell you about the availability and you can check out what other people who hvae stayed there thought of the place. Just a tip though, they do charge commission when booking so go to google first and search for the name of the place, as they will quite often have their own website, where you will not pay any commission.

Train travel is def the best way to get around europe. Check out
For train timetables throughout Europe, and to give u an idea about the eurail pass. Sometimes it is cheaper just to buy tickets as you go. This is especially true if you are only doing short journeys.

Also, dont necesarily think it will be cheaper to travel overnight. if you want something even vaguely comfortable, eg not ur actual seat, then you are going to have to pay for it on top of any pass you get. This, at least i found, was pften more expnsive than a night in a hostel. If you have long journeys then sometimes it does save u time to travel overnight as u dont waste a day, but i have had many a day ruined because i was just too tired after taking an overnght train to do any sight seeing the next day.

Hope this gives u an idea anyway, and if u need anything else feel free to ask.


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Hmm, canadian girl with brown eyes.. Too bad im married.

My advice is to buy a interrail ticket covering Italy. 195 euro for 16 days of unlimited travel with train in Italy and Greece, including ferries between the countries.

Many european youngsters choose this way of travel. I went through Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece for one month. Easy way to get in touch with other travellers, share experiences and travel plans.

Unfortunately the train will not take you everywhere, but the major cities in Tuscany can be covered.

Btw - i visited Tuscany in november 2004. Beautiful. Siena is nice and available by train. Montalcino is pretty, but no train i think.

good luck