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I'm planning a working holiday in Australia from September to March/April. I've been roadtripping from Cairns to Brisbane a few years ago, and I also visited Sydney, so I know a little bit about these places, but I do not know how it is to live there.

When I first started to plan this holiday, I thought that I would like to go to Brisbane first and then travel to Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise/Sunshine Coast to get a job. But as I have been doing some more research, I read about a lot of people who have been living in Melbourne and worked there.

Does anyone have some recommendations about where to go and what city is the best place to live and work? I love the beach, warm weather, sports and to meet new people.

Another concern I have is that I am TERRIFIED of snakes, I can't even look at a picture of a snake, so do you have any tips or experiences that may calm me down on this part?

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Experience: I did a WHV in Australia for a year, went back three times since for a couple of weeks each time. Number of snakes encountered: zero.
In general, the chances of encountering any in the big cities is extremely low. But even out in nature, they'll avoid you wherever possible (and I spent a lot of time out in nature).

I worked in Melbourne myself. Absolutely lovely city. Not nearly as many "sights" as Sydney, but great music scene, wonderful cafes, lots of interesting neighbourhoods to stroll around. In retrospect, though, I wish I'd gotten out of the big cities more - found some small to medium-sized town without quite so many backpackers, and settled in there for a couple of months to really force myself to interact with the locals more, rather than staying in the comfortable backpacker-bubble.

"Warm weather" won't be present so much in September and April (Melbourne has a deserved reputation for "four seasons in one day"), and Melbourne's few beaches are definitely nothing to write home about. In between it should at least be plenty warm, with 40+ degree days being ever more common in December-February.

The Great Ocean Road is within easy striking distance, and places like Lorne and Anglesea have popular beaches - I think. (Went past there many times, but very much not a beach person myself, and mostly I was there during cooler months.)

Besides the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne is also great for sidetrips to the Grampians, Wilsons Promontory, and various other naturey destinations like that.

Depending on your age, using a WHV for only half a year feels like a bit of a waste. Unless you intend to do your three months of specified work in that time? (But that's unlikely with your focus on the cities) I guess if you're nearly turning 30, so are unlikely to have a later opportunity to stay longer, it doesn't matter.

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SYDNEY- Part fast-paced metropolis, part laid-back beach town, Sydney welcomes travelers who want to spend their days sunbathing at Bondi and Coogee beaches, visiting the museums of Darling Harbour or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What's more, Sydney features cool neighborhoods like The Rocks and fun events, such as Vivid Sydney (a neon light and music show) and the Biennale of Sydney (a multidiscipline arts event held every other year).