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Having been warned about the difficulties of travelling France by train from East to West and vice versa, I have roughly put together an itinerary that I believe should show me a great deal of France in the time that I have that works along the train routes.

What I wanted to ask is whether or not I should adjust the tentative time spent in each location (i.e. in favour of spending more time elsewhere) and whether perhaps there are other places I should visit in substitution of those places on my list at present.

I am currently thinking for June 2023 (this is really far in advance, I know - I am horribly scared of flying so the more I plan this trip the more excitement will build which will hopefully accumulate enough to get me onto that plane!):
- 4 days in Paris including a day trip to Mont St Michel via guided tour
- 3 days in Strasbourg with a day trip via guided tour to Colmar, Riquewihr and Eguisheim
- 2 days in Dijon with a day in Beaune
- 2 days in Lyon
- 3 days in Avignon with a day trip to Aix en Provence

Things to bear in mind:
1) I am a fast traveller - I don't dawdle when I travel and without actually rushing at monuments and attractions (by my standards), I see a lot in any given day
2) I will be relying on buses, trains and planes as I do not drive so everywhere on my list or other places that may be included in substitution for others must be easily accessible via public transport
3) I have been to Paris previously so can spend one less day there in lieu of somewhere else if recommended
4) I am a huge history nerd - the Middle Ages (and then some) is my jam

With that all taken into account, should I adjust my itinerary in any way re time spent in places or by considering alternate locations?

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I think you have not gotten any responses because your question is really impossible to answer. You will be seeing great cities and you will be missing many other great cities. This is unavoidable unless you dedicate a year to your trip. Everyone has their own favorites but really you can't go wrong.

I do believe a day tour to Mont St Michel from Paris is a mistake unless you enjoy spending most of a day with your eyes glued to the window of a bus. It is four hours each way but obviously people do it. I would save that for a dedicated trip to the West.

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