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I’m planning to backpack SE Asia for 3.5 months including: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia (starting in Bangkok).

Starting in Bangkok I will need to apply for the Thailand pass where I’m required to have COVID Insurance that covers 20,000 USD.

I was just wondering if that means I will need 2 separate insurances (1 for Thailand Pass, 1 for the rest of my travels). And what is the best insurance to go for.

I looked at WORLD NOMADS explorer plan but I think it states it only covers for 1,000 USD COVID cover (correct me if I’m wrong).

Thanks for any help, Jake

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Very ambitious visit to this part of the world. Check the various weather patterns for the month you visit.

Below is an Expat forum for foreigners living overseas. (Formerly called Thai Visa Forum.) On this forum you will find each of your countries. You can read some of the old posts and printed information. You can also ask questions on that forum too. Fellow expats and tourists from your country may have insurance companies to recommend.

Ordinary health - hospital insurance is recommended. This is in case you get hurt somehow. Some insurance policies may be voided if riding motorcycles.

Normal stuff to consider is sufficient funds to support your trip of course. Do NOT travel with a single debit or credit card. Have back up cards. You may lose a single card, damage that card so that it does not work or someone you trust steals it from you.

Safeguard your passport! Do not get it wet or tamper with pages. Otherwise you might not be allowed to enter other countries.

Good luck.

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Re: Travel Insurance. I think what options you have depends on what country you are resident in. Certainly UK policies require you are resident in UK and present in UK when you take out your policy.

So depending on your residency you may be best with a single policy that has adequate cover for the "worst case requirements" (as taking out a policy starting whilst you are already in the region could be problematic.

Also, not your question but that is a lot of countries in not very long. You'll be racing through missing a lot of fascinating things as you rush through. I spend nearly 3 months just doing Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Burma, Vietnam was only on the list because flights were cheap to Saigon and I was in Cambodia within a week so you can really exclude Vietnam from my list. And I wish I'd had longer in al the countries and recognise I missed a lot e.g. in Thailand never managed to get more than half way to north nor to costal areas south of Bangkok and in Burma would have loved to have spent longer (but Covid ...). Going at your intended race you'll hardly see anything of any of the countries as you race through at breakneck speed.


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Thanks for the Replies.

Recent news is saying they are planning on scrapping the Thailand pass from the 1st of May, does this mean I no longer need the covid insurance?

Thanks again, Jake

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Did you check out the link I sent you through messaging? Lots of info on that old forum that is updated frequently.

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This link below has to do with your previous post for traveling without Covid 19 vaccine shot.

Current as of April 18, 2022.

Other countries in this area may have similar rules in place. Perhaps pull up the website for the embassy of your country located in each country you think you can visit.

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Update for entering Thailand by air and at border points.

Copied from above link:

"Fully vaccinated visitors can now enter Thailand by air or land without any pre or post entry compulsory health test. However, they must register in advance on the Thailand Pass portal to receive their all-important QR code by submitting their vaccination record and proof of Covid insurance worth a minimum of US$10,000 for 30 days. Unvaccinated persons must present additional proof of a very recent RT-PCR test or undergo quarantine for at least 5 days. Those arriving in Thailand by sea require a certificate of entry issued by the port authorities on arrival."