Do you create city walk routes before the trip?

Travel Forums General Talk Do you create city walk routes before the trip?

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Hey everyone. I need the help of the travel community 🙏 I need to gather statistics for my research work.

Do you create city walk routes with attractions location before the trip? (Yes, no, use local guides, any additional comments).

Which applications and sites did you use to do it?

I will be really appreciated for each your response. ☺️

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>Do you create city walk routes with attractions location before the trip?

No....and I never use local guides either.

I research the place I'm visiting before I go so I know where my 'must-see' sites are. Depending on the location I sometimes print off the relevant googlemap showing the sites before I arrive and/or get a hard-copy city map when I arrive.

When researching I usually use googlemaps and the official tourist information plus the wiki page for the place. I also have a large number of Rough Guide guidebooks: their excellent information on museums and historical, archaeological and natural sites does not go out of date.

I'm perfectly capable of using apps and websites but roaming charges are so high I only use my phone abroad when free wifi is available.

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It depends on who I am traveling with and how I am traveling.

When I'm traveling with my husband and we are driving in the USA, I mostly just have in mind places I want to go if we can. I use the AAA books for suggestions or google maps on my phone. Sometimes after a day of driving we don't want to go anywhere.

If I am on a riverboat cruise, the cruise company explains the options and mostly I will go on their excursions. But If I have been there before, and know where I want to go and I will just get a taxi to take me to those places.

If I am on an ocean type cruise, I do about the same as a riverboat cruise but I may have to do more work myself to figure out whether I want to take the ship excursion or if I want to hire a taxi.

If it is a big city (London, Paris) and I am there with a grandchild before the start of a cruise or after the end of a guided trip, I do make reservations in advance for things like a city tour with a local guide or I buy hop-on-hop-off bus tickets in advance. I use the internet. In the past, I would ask on VT (VirtualTourist) for help

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No, I just make a custom map in My maps from Google with the places I'm interested in seeing, and then while on the trip I just use the said map to guide myself

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no to both.
I create a printed list of where i want to go and how to get there... bus/train numbers.
i often get the hop-on-off bus guide to see where they go and catch normal transport there or walk between the locations as never know what will be on the way

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I always check the local tourist office web sites and make a list of places we might enjoy. I list them by location and we check them online depending on the weather while we're there. We usually take a Michelin Green Guide and occasionally a Top Ten but I must admit I've used Google Maps on my phone and computer for a lot of information.

One thing that has always helped us is when we get to a place, we ask people who live and work there what they like to visit in the area and where they like to eat. We've gotten some terrific recommendations that way and they are usually not things you find in travel guides.

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For new places, I choose a hotel convenient for restaurants, malls, nightlife and city transportation. I like cities with city rail service. (Boston, New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, etc.) I am a walker and when worn out, hungry, grungy, (whatever) I hop on the bus or local MRT-LRT, Skytrain, Rail Link to return to my hotel area.

If I decide to use a tour agency for a guided tour usually I find one in person from the city I am in. (Local travel agencies and some hotels have tour information.) Choose one day in person and usually leave following day. Very easy.