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We were planning a trip around Bolivia from July till September this year, but have been warned of roadblocks and riots! Anyone been there recently or over there and know the real story? We wanted specifically to spend two weeks in a language school in Cochabamba
Thanks a lot
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HI Guys,

We´re heading that way now and have met many people coming north from that direction. Basically there are road blockades in parts of Bolivia and Peru. However there moreof a pain than any danger.

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I spent six weeks in Bolivia, it's a great country to visit! I don't think anyone can give you info today that will apply to your upcoming visit because things change there daily. For example, I was in Cochabamba and couldn't get into La Paz due to roadblocks, then there was a citywide festival in the capital and the protesters left the blockades to attend. The following Monday, roadblocks went up and I tried for three days to leave - but couldn't until the roadblocks went down in response to positive news from the government.

I'm simply trying to say that it is unpredictable, and you shouldn't let that stop you from enjoying Beautiful Bolivia.

Regarding the "riots," they are more like marches through La Paz and surrounding areas and roadblocks cutting La Paz off from the west and south. And while you wouldn't want to try and cross one, they are generally harmless.

You will want to note the current situation if you are flying into La Paz, the airport is located in El Alto and blocking the road between El Alto and La Paz city center is a favorite protester passtime.

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At the moment everything is blocked. I can't even get from my house into town (Cochabamba) unless I walk (30 mins). But I have to cross the blockades. As the president had a speech to renounce his presidency yesterday it became worse. But it could be all over tomorrow or next week or next month. You never know here in Bolivia. If you can get to an airport most of the time it is alright. La Paz is a mess at the moment but as far as I know it is only demonstrations and blockades. Let's hope it doesn't get like februari and october 2003. Than it is better to stay away from La Paz.

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Bolivia Warning (6/8/05):

Bolivia Warning

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I am considering travel to Bolivia in the next few days (nevermind why, it's kind of a long story.) I have a flight into La Paz, then I would want to continue onwards to Cochabamba.


- is Aerosur (or anyone else) still flying between La Paz and Coch?

- are facilities such as guesthouses and internet cafes still open in Coch?

- is it safe / possible to get from Coch airport into town?

I know that the situation is changing daily, but I am totally lacking in basic information right now. I need to know if travel -- by air and then locally -- is a possibility right now, or if I would just be stuck in the airport or whatever.


- Jonathan