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Now I am new to all of this but im trying to get an early start on things and this brings me to my next topic of discussion:::: CAMERAS. Lets try and make a form for everyone that has taken a camera with them traveling and would be so kind as to give me their advice.

1. Digital/Film
2. Camera Make and Model
3. Where you went with this camera
4. Why it is better than the alternative (digital better than film)

I heard that sometimes film can be erased when going thru a metal detector and wanted to know if this is true about digital memory.


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Film will never be erased by going thru a metal detector. Film will be severly damages if sent through checked in luggage and the powerful x-rays used there. I always get my film hand inspected, but the x-rays used by most airports to screen carry-on bags is not powerful enough to damage film.

Digital (think you just send the memory cards through the x-ray machine with no problems, thus it never goes through the matel detector).

Personally I still use film. Nikon F-100. It's a well travelled camera. I do sometimes use a digital camera for work, but I still prefer the results I get with film and that's what I travel with.

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I am more for the digital camera. Its easier because you don't have to buy several films before a long trip. Buying rolles of films in Asia/Africa/South America are not that good quality (in Europe/nort-America/Australia this would be no problem). The biggest advantage for me the choose for the digital camera is because of the memory cards (up to one Gigabyte = 700 photos for 3.1 pix camera in best quality). Besides that you can also send some photo to your friends and family via email.

Not choosing for films would be the chance of having flopped (????) photos (you can't check) and the risk of bad photo's because of heat in tropical countries (getting an annoying red colour).

I am not a professional photografer so my camera is not that professional but its good enough for me. I bought the Canon powershot A75 with 3.1 megapix.

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I have a Creative Digital PC Cam 930 - great cam - nice pics - just the thing is that the batteries dont recharge when you plug it into a computer! and learning what to do to get the photos off the cam in teh first place is a bit difficult - BUT once you know hos, it is a breeze!
when you buy a cam, make sure you have the rechargeable batteries that recharge when plugged into a computer - or be prepped to pay for batteries - i payed $8 for 2 at Niagara falls when my cam died.
well, hope that helps