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1. Posted by Zekenwolf (Budding Member 11 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

After years of talking about it, an old school friend and I have finally arranged to visit Oktoberfest 2022 in Munich for 4 days. We'll land early in the afternoon of Sunday 25th September and stay for 4 nights, thus giving us all of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the 2nd week to enjoy the festival.

We have already booked the flights and hotel. The latter is in the Theresienwiese area, only 200 metres from the park and so within walking distance.

As there are only 2 of us, reservation of any kind is out of the question. Therefore, we have to risk being walk-ins for the beer tents. That's why we chose weekdays to attend, as I read that the park would be less crowded. Since we are going to Munich only for the Oktoberfest and nothing else, we intend to arrive early and spend all day and evening in the park and take things as they come. The general plan is to try to walk into 2 large tents during the day, one around noon and the other perhaps by 6pm, doing rides and enjoying other amusements in-between, but I know that it may not work out that easily.

I think we should be able to find 2 seats for the weekday afternoons in the tents if we arrive by noon, but even on those days, the evenings could be a problem. THAT is where I would like advice. Based on what I read about the atmosphere in the tents, we made the following provisional plan

Sunday 25th September.....evening only. There is supposed to be a concert in the park and so were leaving things open and see how it goes.

Monday 26th Septmeber............Hacker Festzelt at noon and Hofbrau Festzelt at 6pm

Tuesday 27th September............Ochsenbraterei at noon and Lowenbrau Festzelt at 6pm

Wednesday 28th September......Paulaner Festzelt at noon and Herzkasperl Festzelt at the Oide Wiesn at 6pm

My questions are:

  1. What are the chances of finding 2 seats in those tents on weekday evenings if we arrive by 6pm?

2. If we have beers and order food, how long will they allow us to stay before we have to leave?

2. Posted by UliS (Travel Guru 150 posts) 1w 1 Star this if you like it!

I had never problems finding a place ( usualy comming early, 5pm would be more easy), there is no timelimit and you can eat as well outside (usualy better). You get the beer only in a 1 liter glas, it is stronger then regular beer (easy to get drunk, there is also a tent for people too drunk). For quality in my opinion the best is Augustiner the least good is Lowenbrau, the Hofbrau ist partikulary popular with Australians (sometimes dancing on the tables).

3. Posted by Zekenwolf (Budding Member 11 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Thanks. Neither my friend and I have problems with 1 litre of 6.3% beer. But since I posted as above, we have changed our plans (dates are the same), deciding it was impractical to go to a big beer tent twice a day. Also, Hacker Festzelt might be impossible to get seats even on weekdays.

So, the revised plan is as follows:

Sunday 25th September...... The concert starts at 11 am and since it would be 2pm by the time we arrive at the hotel, that's out. But well stroll into the park by 4pm, get orientated and see if we can get 2 seats by 5:30 pm in Hofbaru Festgelt.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday............We' arrive in the park by 10 am or so and stroll along, doing some rides and visiting stalls. By noon we'll try for 2 seats anywhere available for beer and some food. Afterwards we'll spend some more time in the park before goung to a Big Tent by 5:30pm and get more beer and later food. Perhaps Lowenbrau or Paulaner Festzelt on Monday, Fischer-Vroni on Tuesday and Herzkasperl Festzelt on Wednesday.

Hopefully, with only 2 of us and it being "less crowded" weekdays, we might get seats.

What I really want to know is, if we manage to get 2 seats in a big tent like the Hofbrau or Paulaner, order beer and a propper meal, how long will they allow us to remain?

4. Posted by UliS (Travel Guru 150 posts) 1w 1 Star this if you like it!

As long as the place ist open (11:30pm) or you start misbehaveing, just leave a bit of beer in your glas or order one more.

5. Posted by Zekenwolf (Budding Member 11 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Also, what's the best way to get from Munich Airport to Hotel Seibel when we arrive that Sunday? I know that there are a couple of U-Bahn stations within walking distance of the hotel (Schwanthalerhohe is probably the nearest) but still a good 10-minute hike and we are at an age where that distance with luggage could be stressful. Moreover, I am not familiar with the route map of the U-bahn system and the last thing wewant to do is get lost among the arriving Oktoberfest crowd.

So we will take a cab. Is it difficult to get one at the airport and will they charge premium rates because of the festival?

6. Posted by NorHund (Budding Member 2 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Hi I lived in Munich for a year a long time ago. The airport is miles away from town. I would take the subway into the centre if it is not closed for maintenance. You can also take a direct bus. I haven't looked at the map, but you could take it to the Hauptbanhof (main railway station) and get a taxi from there. Public transport is also pretty good.
The Octoberfest is fun and after a while those steins appear quite small, far less than a litre.
Sure try the big tents, my favourite is the smallest called the Hippodrome, with very few tourists.

If I were to return to Munich for the October fest for a few days, I would also pencil in an evening at the Hauptbrauhaus, the actual building in town. It is party night every night in there and well worth a visit.


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7. Posted by UliS (Travel Guru 150 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

A taxi from the airport might be around €100, there is no surcharge but it will be stop and go near the Octoberfest and there will be several streets closed for cars. Take S2 to Hackerbrücke (S8 would be going there as well but there might be construction work on this line). At the north side of the Hackerbrücke (bridge) is a long distance bus terminal with a taxi stand as well, it is about 1 kilometer from there to walk (the bridge is probably closed for cars from midday until late night or now completly in Octoberfest time). The S2 continues to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) there are taxi stands north and south of the station, normaly around 2 kilometer to your hotel, but Theresienhöhe and Bavariaring (the streets around the Octoberfest) might be closed as well for cars. At Hauptbahnhof you can change from S2 to U4 and U5 the eastern exit of Schwanthalerhöhe station is about 350 meter from your hotel, about the same then from the western exit of Theresienwiese station but with a little less people on the street. There will be an very big amount of people between Hackerbrücke station, Theresienwiese station and the Festzelt area.

8. Posted by Zekenwolf (Budding Member 11 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Thanks people. We decided to take the S-Bahn from MUC to Hauptbahnhof; it looks like it is midway whether we take the S1 or S8 line. From Hauptbahnhof station we will take a cab to the hotel.

Do you think that's a good plan?

9. Posted by UliS (Travel Guru 150 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Sorry i did write S2 instead of S1.

10. Posted by Zekenwolf (Budding Member 11 posts) 2d Star this if you like it!

If we take the S-Bahn from the airport to Hauptbahnhof and come out of the Central Station, is it difficult to get a taxi, considering that it is Oktoberfest Sunday? Also, the station is only 1.5 km from our hotel and so how much will the taxi guy ask?

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