Havana airport to Miami - check of the covid vaccination ?

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I am a traveler from Europe
I would like to go from Havana to Miami.
I understand that we need to show a proof of vaccination to the company’s flight personnel.
What level of controls are in place in La Havana airport ?
In Europe, we need to show a vaccination card with a QR code. Does this applies in La Havana airport too or a simple copy of the vaccination proof is enough ?
Many thanks for your help

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It's not really anything to do with any airport.

It is the airline flying you that is concerned about vaccine/test requirements at the flight's destination.

The airline flying you will check proof of vaccination before you board (i.e. at check-in/bag-drop or gate) because a) full vaccination is a legal US entry requirement for non-citizens who do not meet the very few exemption criteria (see official link below) and b) airlines can be heavily fined if they allow passengers to fly without the correct documentation to enter the destination country.


If you scroll down the page you'll see what documentation the US accepts as proof of vaccination.

I'd advise you not to rely entirely on your phone. As well as possible lack of charge/signal phones can and do 'die'. It's best to have hard-copy proof too e.g. your vaccination card and/or a printout of your digital vaccination certificate/record.

When I flew to the US a few weeks ago I didn't have to show my vaccination certificate at US Customs/ Border Control because it (like my ESTA) was checked before I'd even boarded the plane. It'll be the same for you.

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Eyems, your post is just copy/paste from the site I've already linked. When you copy/paste anything you should always give the source.


The poster is vaccinated so the information you've copy/pasted is irrelevant.

The poster is not asking about the US vaccine requirement. He/she is asking what proof of vaccination is acceptable.

That's why I told him/her to scroll down the page on that link!