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Having trouble getting the calendar to recognize 1998 instead of 2022 and the system gave me a route that I did not take how can I modify it ???

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5808 posts) 10w Star this if you like it!

Peter (the admin), just added a not-quite-ready-but-good-enough-to-try option to create custom routes - see this post.
The short version is: use to open your map, click on the transportation icon between two stops in the stop list, then on the colored bar, and then on the new "Custom route" option. That allows you to drag the circle denoting the midway point of the route to somewhere else, and then you can do that again and again for each new midway point for each leg until it actually follows the route you took.

I have noticed some weirdness with dates as well (trying to manually type them), but haven't yet fully understood what's happening, so haven't reported it yet as a bug. I'll go spend a little bit of time on that now, and then Peter should be able to fix that up soon as well.

edit: Hmm - now of course I'm not able to reproduce at all - and I can set dates for 1998 as well without any problem.

What works for me:
* click on either arrival or departure date: see a calendar popup, click in the text field again, type 1998-01-20 or similar (year-month-day), save stop.
* click on either arrival or departure date: see a calendar popup, click on the year (2022) in the top right of the calendar popup to get a select list of years, pick 1998, use the arrows to move to the correct month (or click on the month in the top left of the calendar popup for a select list of months), click on the correct day in the calendar popup, save stop.

If this doesn't work for you, can you try to describe precisely what happens at each step you take, and which browser you're using?

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