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1. Posted by Huesser (Budding Member 2 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!


I only found this website today and it is so easy and great to use. I have a few questions. Is it possible to edit my map to only show country names and no city names? Is it possible when saving my map to put the travel lines behind the places names? These are the only 2 things really bugging me from saving a perfect snapshot of my travels.


2. Posted by Huesser (Budding Member 2 posts) 14w Star this if you like it!

Another thing that would be great would be to be able to minimise the circles on the map of city’s you visited or even be able to remove them so you are just left with a line for your journey. Would just be much cleaner looking especially for a trip with loads of stops over all of Europe.


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Welcome to travellerspoint!

As far as I know, neither of those things is currently quite possible, but Peter (the admin) is still actively developing new features, so he'll probably take a look at these suggestions, too. (E.g. we recently got the opposite option of what you request, namely the ability to only show the dots, and not the lines, so I give it a good chance that the inverse could be implemented as well.)

For the moment, what is possible (but unfortunately only for paying supporters) is to set the line width of your trips to "extra thin" in the "change map style" screen, which should make most labels be much more readable, even if the line overlaps.

Also, there is a map style "satellite" (again only available to supporters) which doesn't show any country/city labels at all, so that shows that the concept of only showing country names should at least be feasible.

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If you want to just show country names for your stops, you can do this just by editing the stop names to just the country name. You can edit the stop names to whatever you want actually. Could be "The Beginning", "The End" or any old thing - whatever makes sense to you :)

If you mean to change the basemap so that no city names are shown there, then it's a bit more complicated. It is not impossible technically for me to do this, but it would definitely be a bit of a power feature.

Sander has kind of addressed the other topics. I'll take the suggestions on board.