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Hi, Im a new member and at present planning a 3 month (87 days) trip to the USA. This trip is planned for May June July 2023 so im joining forums looking for tips on travel, accommodation, internal travel like air, car bus, train.
Alao looking for places that are must see......
so far my trip plan is Washington,
new orleans
san antonio
Flagstaff for the grand canyon south rim
Las Vegas
san diego
pacific highway to LA
san francisco
yosemite NP
Grand Teton
Yellowstone NP
Custer NP
New York.

open to suggestions ideas along the way.
happy to change this plan to include other areas of interest,

thanks in advance


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Welcome to Travellerspoint.

If your nationality lets you enter on an ESTA, bear in mind that these are for maximum 90 days. Easy to get tripped up when it's not quite 3 months.

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Get a map of the U.S.

Find the places you are interested in and choose the routes so you are not backtracking.

The US is kind of easy to navigate. If from a smaller country you may find some distances more than you expect. Maybe even boring at times.

This travel forum has information for various countries. USA is one of them. Free advice!

Often a simple free Google type search can be helpful too!

Traveling for almost 90 days have backup sources of spending money. Do not travel with a single debit or credit card because you could damage or lose a single source of spending money.

If you intend to rent cars to drive make sure you have a proper license.,license%20from%20your%20own%20country.

Edit. Good idea to fill out your profile. Are you comfortable driving on the right hand side of the road? I know when I attempt to drive in places where left hand drive is normal my reflexes sometimes have me begin to make a maneuver that is improper! (If you drive have proper insurance. Accidents can happen so think about medical - hospital insurance good for overseas trips.)

Good luck.

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thanks for the updates and Info.
Whilst my trip at present is looking toward 87 days, im looking at trimming a little, so i will be within the 90 day ruling.

im also confident of driving on the right hand side of the road. I willlook into the best insurances for the trip. TY

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Seems like a lot of good places in the US. I would research New Mexico and Arizona carefully because there’s a lot more than the Grand Canyon between San Antonio and Las Vegas. Most people would enjoy a stop in Santa Fe or Albuquerque and there are incredible places in northeast Arizona like Navajo country, Monument Valley, and Canyon de Chelly. You can even stay in a traditional hogan with Navajo hosts. There are long distances between many of your listed stops and countless unusual towns and remarkable attractions along the way. Research your routes very carefully. Absolutely do not miss Bryce Canyon, I found it more spectacular than the Grand Canyon.

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What kind of things are you interested in doing - seeing.

You've got a mix but mostly larger cities and some I wouldn't expect. What do you want to see in Detroit? What interests you in Buffalo? Were they just waypoints on the way to Boston, or do you have some objective to see there? You've listed Nashville - are you interested in country music? How much time were you intending to spend in each city?

I find that driving between cities takes a lot of time, and driving in cities is slow and confusing, and in some cities (D.C and Boston for instance) very difficult. I wouldn't start out driving in D.C. Sight see in DC on the bus or metro - don't try to drive.

As zzlangerhans says, "There are long distances between many of your listed stops.." For instance, just between the first two places - D.C. and Nashville it is at least a 10 hour drive as it is over 1000 km. You are bypassing Lexington and Louisville KY, and if you don't want to see something specific in Nashville you could go to Memphis via Louisville.

You may also find that renting a car for that length of time (and getting insurance) is very expensive.

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You need to add at least one more night between LA and Monterey, unless you plan on driving either Interstate 5 (like agriculture?) or Highway 101 (which is NOT the same thing as Highway 1, the scenic coastal route which goes through Big Sur, etc. and you may have seen pictures of. This route is also VERY popular with both locals and tourists and summer is high season so plan on making reservations and some places in some towns will have 2 NIGHT minimum stay requirements on weekends.
The PCH from San Diego to LA is not scenic the whole way. You have to get on I-5 near Oceanside, cause you cannot drive through Camp Pendleton Marine Base. The portion from about Seal Beach north is not coastal (beach is a mile or more away) and goes through some ugly towns) so I would get on the freeway around Seal Beach Blvd and get off near Santa Monica or maybe one of the South Bay beach cities like Manhattan Beach.

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If I were a travel agent planning your trip, I would start you in D.C. and give you 3 to 6 days in DC to see the signts. Then rent a car and drive down to New Orleans via Memphis. It will take at least a week to do that - you can go the fast way and just zip down the interstate, or you can take the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at Great Smoky National Park and go to Gatlinburg on the way to Memphis. I'd give that trip a week and then another week for Nashville and Memphis. And then drive to New Orleans and turn in your car and spend a week in New Orleans.

From New Orleans, I'd fly to Denver and pick up another car. You can go to the Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde on the way to the Grand Canyon. The section of the trip another 10 days. Then drive to Las Vegas, and do the California portion of the trip including Yosemite. That's going to take at least a month. Now fly from San Francisco to Salt Lake City and rent another car and do the Yellowstone part of the itinerary. That should take another couple of weeks.

And you are about out of time.You might have time to fly to Chicago and take the train to NYC.

Trains and buses aren't a really good option in the US because most people drive or fly.a Trains are often late.

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The United States is a large country geographically, so I'd suggest concentrating on one, two or three regions. Because of the pandemic and other reasons it can be expensive to rent and operate a vehicle. Public transportation is extensive in the Northeast; and there are many things to see and experience. You could fly to Boston or New York, then move down the East Coast to Washington, D.C., and perhaps beyond. Or, after visiting the Northeast, you could fly to any of the gateway cities on the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle, then return home from there. Because of competition, transcontinental airfares are reasonable. An open-jaw ticket, allowing you to enter the U.S. on the East Coast (Boston, for example), and returning from the West Coast (Los Angeles, for example), isn't likely to be much more than the cost of a roundtrip ticket, either to the East Coast or the West Coast. Hopping around the country is likely to put a considerable dent to your budget. Many flights are full and prices have risen. There have been numerous schedule changes and cancellations because there aren't enough pilots and other essential workers. These difficulties are not likely to be resolved soon. Rather than a complex itinerary, keep it simple. That increases your flexibility to deal with any situation that might arise. You'll enjoy it more, too.