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"Thanks, I guess there is lots to learn on how to find the right people 😅
Getting there..."


The right people could be people from where you live! People you might know or at least have things in common with you. Perhaps people you work with or neighbors.

One advantage for this time period is it is not peak season (high season) and pricing for hotels will be pretty good. (Random search below.)

To enter Thailand for free with a visa waiver you need a flight out within your 15 days. This is checked at the airline counter when you check in. It is possible to fly to Thailand with a round trip ticket. In Thailand fly to Cambodia with return to Thailand. I have visited Cambodia, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) flying from Thailand. For me, flying round trip to Thailand is much cheaper than flying one way there.

In Thailand it is easy to get day tours in person. Select tour one day, leave following day. Some hotels have tour desks, if not there are many travel agencies in Bangkok (and major cities tourists visit) that can set you up with day tours.

In Thailand I have come across women traveling alone. You do meet other people in hotels, on the plane ride over and on day tours.

Thailand may be bigger than you think. Some beach areas better for for certain months.

Some guys who volunteer to accompany you may just want to get in your pants and maybe pay them for their time. Someone from back home, my opinion, is the safer choice.

Paying for your ride to Southeast Asia and back home is a known amount. What is left is for you is day to day living expenses. (Food, tours, local flights, transportation, etc.) If you ask for hotel help on any forum mention your nightly price range. Good idea to read up on how to say hello and thank-you in the local language is a polite thing to do. Easy to change UK pounds in Thailand, most better known debit and credit cards are useful. (Haven't been to Cambodia in 12-15 years, at that time US dollars was a preferred foreign currency to convert.)

Investigate entry requirements for your passport. (Cambodia and Thailand - two separate entry procedures.) Might be easier to fly round trip to Bangkok. Fly to your particular destination in Cambodia and return to Thailand again. Do the math! A few more days might be useful.

Up to you!

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