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Hi there

My friend and I have just finished Uni and are saving for 6 months for our trip which should start in January. As we r both girls we r looking for some travel companions.... male female, novice or experienced- just people who want to get to know the world.

Planned destinations so far are:
New York

We plan to go travelling for about 5/6 months, the ticket that we are getting is a complete bargain and should ( hopefully come to about £1500 including tax!!!). Obviously we won't stick together all of the time but I thought it would be nice to go with a larger group in the main ( safelty in numbers and all that - also more leverage for discounts!!);)

So if you are interested please reply!!!

Also if anyone is a local from any of the above cities and can offer any advice- i.e where to stay and what to see- it would be greatly appreciated!!


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your trip sounds really cool.. do you know roughly which months you will be visiting the countries you mentioned?

i am travelling around the world for a year starting september 05.. i come from australia and am 27 yr old male.. will be travelling with another fellow australian female..

we are starting in vietnam moving to china and basing ourselves in china for several months hopping over to hong kong, taiwan or japan before heading towards europe in about april to stay for about 4 months, basing ourselves in germany and also hopping over to places like france, italy, spain, greece, UK... etc... so hopefully if you are in vicinity we can catch up?? would love to travel with others.. the more the merrier!!

Am an easy going person, loves to travel and enjoy other cultures... typical aussie people.. hehe.. so tell me more about yourselves??

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hi there

your trip sounds great, im 22 year old australian male travelling solo come oct 05,first stop india, than 4 months later china for the gran mongolian railway, than of to europe, i guess from that point the world is my oyster!

do you have an idea which countries you will be in at which time?

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You can send me a message about Australia