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I'm checking on visa for Indonesia and am confused as different places say different things. I'm a UK Citizen with loads of time left on my passport and nothing problematical in my history (no arrests, etc.) and just for tourism with no pre-booked agenda, independent travel. The 30 days on entry and extendable for a further 30 days should be OK.

UK Foreign Office (which normally gives clear explanations) says Visa on Arrival (VoA) is available again But UK Foreign Office are a 3rd party.

UK Indonesian Embassy talks about needing a sponsor, applying, etc. ( but then they wouldn't get involved in Visa on Arrival.

UK Indonesian Consular Services has a pop-up that looks rather out of date - talks about regulations from 2020 and presumably much earlier in the pandemic. But then in Europe it can be easy to forget how we all got vaccines much earlier and much more readily than many other countries.

The Indonesian Immigration service talks about Visa on Arrival and lists UK as a country that is covered by the scheme but also mentions sponsor letters as required documentation but probably for countries not listed as covered by the scheme butthat seems exceptionally open and bypasses the entire visa application/granting system so wondering if there might be translation issues?

No phone numbers anywhere to call.

Does anybody know what the current situation is as I'm concerned that booking a non-refundable flight and ending-up not being allowed to board or finding what I assumed was available had been discontinued.

Also (less crucial) can one leave Indonesia at end of visa (within visa time), go to another country for a few days/weeks and then return to Indonesia for another Visa on Arrival? e.g. 30 days Visa on Arrival, extend for another 30 days once in Indonesia then fly to e.g. Vietnam for a few weeks and then return to Indonesia for another 30 days (which should then be long enough without extending). Some countries state limits e.g. Bolivia max. 90 days in a set period so you can't repeatedly pop into Peru for a few days and return to keep getting new visas - 3 times is the limit in a set period (I can't remember the period). But I can't find any similar rules for Indonesia as 60 days might not be long enough.


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Visa on arrival ist possible with UK passport and at least 2 COVID vaccinations (for 30 days + 30 days extension).
Entry only on the following airports:
1. Jakarta (Java)
2. Surabaya (Java)
3. Denpasar (Bali)
4. Batam (Riau)
5. Bintan (Riau)
6. Manado (Sulawesi)
7. Lombok
8. Medan (Sumatra) seit 06.04.2022
9. Makassar (Sulawesi) seit 06.04.2022
10. Yogyakarta (Java) seit 06.04.2022
No problem of getting a new VoA after a very short (or long) stay outside of Indonesia, for most SE asian countries you don't need a visa for a short stay.

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