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I will be visiting these places in October/November this year and wondering if anyone has any tips???
Thanks :)

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Hey snowbunny,

Hmmm, well I've been to Vancouver many times and Whistler once. I have never been to either of those places in the months that you will be there, though, but I hear it is quite rainy- especially in Vancouver- so pack your raingear! Whistler is a great place to ski and board so it should be a ton of fun. I think in October it might not be the best time to go- the best skiing tends to be after Christmas/New Years in Canada- at least in the more eastern rockies. But it still has a nice little village with some restuarants and shops for your enjoyment, too. It can be a little on the expensive side, though .. . . as long as you budget for it you should be fine and have a blast! In Vancouver there is a lot to do, but you may be limited to more indoor things unless you love rain. Hmmm, well, there are tons of theatres and culture and art shops with glass blowers in them hard at work around Granville Island. You can also take the ferry accross the inlet, which is practical and an attraction in one! There is the IMAX, too, which is really cool- 3D effects and all that. There is Chinatown, which is a great place to go, especially if you like Asian cultures. There are a lot of Asian people in Van. Deffinately go out for seafood and asian food while you are there because it is really really good. Try Thai Restaurant for some great Thai food and excellent service!
Don't know too much about public transportation in Van, tho, as I have family there and rely on them to drive me around!
Gotta go, pub computer and its timing out!

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If you arrive in Vancouver at the train/bus station, there is a FREE pickup service to a few of the city's youth hostels. If you arrive at the airport, there is public transportation to the downtown at a fraction of the cost of the taxis and hotel buses. The public buses from the airport have special luggage racks for passenger luggage, and space to take 2 bicycles per bus.

I hope that will make your arrival here a good one!

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Hi there,
I'm from Vancouver - you will love your visit here and Whistler too, but I have not been to Halifax although I hear it is great. If you're planning skiing/boarding, Whistler doesn't open the end of November but is still a great place to visit. It is expensive but you'll still enjoy it.
Vancouver is amazing - yes you will likely get a bit of rain, but you are visiting a rainforest! That's how it stays green all year round. :) In Vancouver be sure to visit Stanley Park, Granville Island, Grouse Mountain (hike the Grouse Grind for a true Vancouver experience) and check out the neighbourhoods of Kitsilano, Denman/West End, Yaletown and Commercial Drive. If you stay in the downtown area the bus service is actually quite good. Also would recommend taking the ferry to Victoria for a day or two. Have a great trip.

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Hey, I was in Whistler last summer for a few days and some of the people are quite rights about the cost of visiting there. I camped for a couple of nights and I also stayed at the Blackcomb Lodge for a few nights. The camping was cheap, like 15 bucks a night and the Blackcomb Lodge was cheap, relatively speaking, for like 75 bucks a night. Lots to do. Enjoy yourself.


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If i arrive in Vancouver round the start of January will i stil be in time for some good boarding??

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If i arrive in Vancouver round the start of January will i stil be in time for some good boarding??

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You'll have great snow in Jan!


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Katie, you'll have good snow in Jan, check last seasons dates

I was there in Jan last year and they said it was the worst Jan they had in Years. I was there 2 weeks and we had very few days with fresh snow. That said, the conditions were still excellent as the base was so good (they had 5 foot of snow on XMas day thankfully, I kid you not). We still had a fresh powder day though, despite the lack.

Anyway, I loved Whistler so much I'll be spending next season there.

See you there!

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Hey there... :)

I've been living and going to school in Halifax for four years now...I love it here. Just wanted to clarify (cause a lot of people tend to not realize), that it is 6000 kilometres from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. However, well worth the travel! On both ends, I'm confident, though I've never actually been to BC. A lot of low-fare airlines have cropped lately, you could check out tickets...try Canjet, Jetsgo, WestJet, Tango...

The earlier the better in Halifax, the weather gets kind of crappy around the end of October (until about June!)...nah, not that bad, but the best time to come is prior to, still considered tourist season, so you get the best of the waterfront...

Anyway, have fun! If you have any specific questions, just let me know.