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1. Posted by tonksie (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm going to England next month, and I had a question for you tourists who have visited parts of England.

We are planning to take a out-of-London tour. There are different cities that are combined for different tours, and I am at a dilemma as to which to choose.

I desperately want to go to Warwick Castle, Christchurch in Oxford (where Harry Potter is filmed) and Stonehenge. But those three places are not combined for one tour. Warwick Castle is usually combined with Oxford and Stratford, and Stonehenge is combined with Bath. My mom desperately wants to go to Stonehenge because it's one of the Ancient Wonders of the World. So it looks like I'll have to pick between Warwick and Stonehenge. Warwick, being a medieval castle, is just so tempting for me, but I don't want to be selfish and not consider my mom's wishes.

What should I do? Can anyone give me advice as to whether I should visit Warwick Castle or Stonehenge? If you have been to both places, which one is better?

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Hi, tonksie!

Kind of depends on what sort of thing you want to see & what sort of day you want. Stonehenge is interesting, to a point, but, although not been myself recently, I'd say that once you've seen the stones (which apparently aren't where they were "originally"), that's about it. Not meaning to sound like a philistine!

Whereas there's a lot to see in and around Warwick Castle. As well as the town of Warwick, not too far away are places like Stratford (where Shakespeare was born), Birmingham (UK's "second city"! Great shopping centre = Bullring... amongst other stuff (see http://www.birmingham.org.uk/ ))... etc... etc..

...but then I am from the Midlands, so I'm biased!

Anyway, happy travelling...


3. Posted by tonksie (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the advice.

What do you mean the stones aren't where they are originally? Were they moved or something?

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Hey Tonksie,

I must admit to not going to Warwick Castle, but I do believe it is quite a good one. You don't say where abouts in England you will be after London, as there are many Castles that can be visited. I have been to Stonehenge however & I loved it & believe that it cannot be missed. Bath is a beautiful place to visit, you wouldn't feel cheated on this tour. It has a magnificent Abbey, the ancient Roman Baths & a wonderful river running through it, very picturesque.

You could visit Hampton Court in London, which was Henry XIII's Castle, this is a good spot to go.


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Having been to both Stonehenge and Warwick Castle, I'd take Warwick any day. I was a bit dissapointed with Stonehenge, but then again it's just stones, so what can you expect?
Warwick Castle is nice with beautiful country side in the summer.
I also much prefer Warwick and Oxford to Salisbury and Bath, but you will inevitably encounter more tourists in Oxford and especially Stratford.

In either case, I hope you enjoy your trip.


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I have been to both places and thought Warwick Castle much superior to Stonehenge. There are medieval jousts, a torture chamber and a re-enactment of a 19th century high class dinnerparty with lifelike models made by Tussauds,as well as a village preparing for war in the basement also modelled by Tussauds. Stratford-upon -Avon is only about 8 miles away so a visit there would probably be included in the tour. Admittedly I visited Stonehenge two days after arriving from Egypt and found that it is not in the same league as the history and monuments in Egypt.

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Warwick Castle over Stonehenge for sure (just a load of rocks innit?)

However if you do go over to Stonhenge, be sure to go to Avebury as well, a much superior henge in my opinion.

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It's true there's more to see at Warwick Castle, but Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world, even if it is just some stones If you do go to Stonehenge, try to visit Bath as it really is nice, there are of course the Roman baths and there's a costume museum as well as other things. They are both quite far from London though.

Like someone said, Hampton Court is very good with beautiful gardens.

You could consider going to Brighton, by the sea, which has a huge grand palace called the Royal Pavillions which is worth visiting. It's not too far from London, about an two hours on the train.