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Hi all, I have booked an ANA flight from Delhi to Vancouver that has a stopover at Haneda and I need to self arrange a transfer to Narita airport
Question 1: I need guidance for pre booking airport shuttle from Haneda to Narita
Question 2: Will my check in baggage reach Vancouver directly or do I need to carry the same from Haneda and Narita
Question 3: Would anyone know the ANa helpline number from India (which actually works:)
Thanks in advance!

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Can't help with specifics, I have had connections through Narita but did not need to change airports. I think one time I had to change terminals and a bus was provided.

Will you need a visa to leave the airport and use a shuttle? Do you have sufficient time to make the transfer? Verify if your luggage will be transferred.

Google search gave me this info below:

"For inquiries or assistance with your reservation, please call 1-800-235-9262." (If wrong number they may have the correct tel. number.)

Another search came up with this:
Toll Free: 000 800 100 9274 (For India,24/7)

Can you connect with the airline by email using your computer?


For my long distance international flights I deal directly with the airline. No travel agencies. You chose the route, good luck!

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Questions 1 - This should help Haneda to Narita

Question 2 - While I didn't have to do this in Japan my experience when I had to change airports for connecting flights is you have to take your luggage. I would still confirm with ANA or find out if they have service that could transfer the luggage for you but generally speaking if you have to enter the country to change flights that usually means there is no transfer of luggage.

Question 3 - probably best if you tell us which numbers didn't work first so we don't recommend something you already tried. If you go to the official ANA website there should be working phone numbers listed in their contact page.

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Q2 - Yes, you need to carry your luggage from point A to B of your connecting flight..that's always the rule with ANA.