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I don't enjoy typical travelling. Sightseeing, eating at restaurants, museums, hostels, different cultures. They are all nice and all but I don't feel it worth the trip. I've tried it many times in the past but I don't particularly enjoy this form of travel.

I recently did the Appalachian Trail and that was an amazing time. I enjoyed the fact that I had a goal each day with like minded people, where it is easy to organically form groups. I've been trying to find other activities similar to the Trail but I can't think of many more.

To clarify it's not just hiking I enjoy. Another cool idea I want to do is go to Thailand and join a monastery for some time. I want an adventure not just to look at things. Another good idea I heard of is WWOOFING. But those are all I can think of does anyone know where I can find more ideas or let me now what you have in mind.

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The easy win is other hiking trails. How about New Zealand's Great Walks, or some of the Uk's national trails eg the Southern Upland Way or the Coast To Coast?

As for other goals, it depends what interests you. Learn scuba, or a language in its native country, or to fly or ride a horse?

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1. Walk Europe's pilgrimage routes, alone or in an organised group. The Camino de Santiago in Spain is probably the most famous but there are lots more. You don't need to be religious or even spiritually-minded to enjoy the walk and company and to find it fulfilling.

There are also many excellent non-pilgrimage long-distance walks in Europe such as Hadrian's Wall and the Coast-to-Coast path in the UK or the Rennsteig Trail in Germany. Some long-distance trails linking existing trails and paths in several different countries have been created: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_long-distance_paths

2. Do some volunteering in another country: there are thousands of opportunities in a huge variety of countries and plenty of websites to explore.

3. Get a TESOL/TEFL qualification and teach English abroad. There are teaching opportunities in many countries.

4. Learn flamenco in Spain or tango in Brazil, take a cookery course in e.g. France or Italy, hike to Everest base camp, climb Kilimanjaro...the world is full of fantastic opportunities.

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Or travel to maybe slightly more unusual "sightseeing" places but with a view of photographing and updating Wikipedia and adding to WikiMedia Commons. It's not why I travel but after spending time in Bolivia I happened to discover that Wikipedia's stuff on some of the Andean Lagunas was a bit of a "mess" - not desperately wrong but e.g. multiple pages with different names for the same Laguna because whoever wrote it didn't appreciate naming conventions and with the information true but spread across the two pages, some Lagunas in the wrong place, rubbish photos, etc. Does not take loads of work but worthwhile and some public good coming from your travels.


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Over 20+ years ago I did three trips with Earthwatch. One trip was in Indonesia to Sumbawa Besar. This was for a project building "solar ovens" to save the trees from being used for fuel. Using local materials, glass, wood, mirrors, etc. It was interesting. Small group of tourists. Meals and hotel provided.

Next 2 trips with Earthwatch was in Thailand for archeology. In Phimai area, in an old village working a dig. Interesting. Next trip a year later was working at the Phimai Wat on a dig. Nights back at the hotel in Phimai. Meals provided.

All three expeditions were interesting. Group was mixed from various countries. YOU do PAY for these expeditions. In the US this organization is considered a charity. So most of everything was a tax deduction. (At that time.)

Google will give you free info for Earthwatch. (Other destinations available in Europe, Africa, Asia and whatever.)

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Some other ideas that you might explore include:
-Volunteer abroad - whether it's teaching English, building homes, or helping in an orphanage, there are plenty of international opportunities to help others.
-Cycling tours - from guided tours to self-guided trips, there are plenty of possibilities for a cycling adventure.
-Cultural and language immersion - immerse yourself in a different culture, learn a new language and make lifelong friends.

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