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Hello there, I'm new to the forum.

Some friends an I are planing our first travel to Europe, hopefully, in January 2025.

I'm kind of searching in google maps trying to stablish some reasonable routes.

I'm thinking 3 options:

1. Scandinavia 15 days (kind of a Viking theme): Probably starting in Bergen (Norway) and finishing in Copenhagen. (my prefered one)

2. Northen Lights 7 to 10 days: Some articles mention that Abisko is very nice and cheaper than other options like Tromso. Any other places? Is the end of January a good time to catch them (weather)?

3. Central Europe 15 days (kind of a Castle/Medieval theme): Czech Republic - Austria - Germany

I know that im asking questions way ahead of time, but it is to motivate the group to save money and make it seems like there is a plan.

Travelling from Costa Rica to Europe is very expensive (we are poor haha) ($1800-$2000 without layovers in North America)
So budget will be tight and here is where the recomendatios will be very apreciated. Can we do it with $1500 of accomodation and transport?

Is EURail worth it?
Is better to stay more nights in few places? or trying to be explore more places?

In the scandinavian route is Bergen worth it? (im interested in a fjord excursion) Can we do similar things in Oslo?
Is worth it taking the time to go to Ribe in Denmark? (I read that is the oldest town in Denmark) and is the viking museum there any good or are there more interesting ones in other cities?

Can we skip the capitals or you think they are a must? (for example, taking a train from Bergen to Goteberg and then a Ferry to Denkmark and descend to Copenhagen to leave Euroe). It would reduce accomodation costs?

I know there are a lot of questions, but we have 2 years to go through them haha

Sorry if my grammar is not the best, English is my second language

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Hi Jorge.

Welcome to the forum.

Scandinavia is really expensive. Yes Bergen is the essence of Norway and the train trip from there to Oslo is great. The usual route for visitors is to stop off at Myrdal and take the branch line to Flåm at the head of a fjord - very pretty. In Oslo you don't get the same scenery.

Any train from Bergen to Goteborg will go through Oslo, so yes I'd try to see Oslo on the way.

Copenhagen is great. I found Ribe less interesting.

The Northern Lights trip - it's a matter of luck what you see. I've been to Scandinavia perhaps 15 times and never seen them. I wouldn't build a trip around them.

Central Europe gets cheaper. :) Particularly the former soviet countries - Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, etc. Germany and Austria are much more expensive. To see Vienna I stayed in Bratislava and took the train in, as it saved money. I suggest looking at Romania - plenty of castles, and easy on the budget.

I'd have a play with Google Maps to get a quick idea of accommodation prices.
I've not used EUrail so I'll let someone else answer that.

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I agree with Andy that Eastern Europe would be more budget friendly than Norway and Denmark. Suggest you focus your itinerary on perhaps a handful of destinations, since your airfare to Europe from Costa Rica is likely to consume a substantial amount of your US$1,800 to $2,000 budget.

Discounted rail fares are available in Europe, including this program offered by Austrian Railways: I've used Sparschiene fares many times, including travel from Italy (Milan) to Austria (Vienna) and from Austria (Vienna) to Poland (Krakow). The tickets can be purchased online. I've also used Austrian Railways to visit the Benedictine monastery at Melk (by ship on the Danube and rail). See this link:

I don't use Eurail passes for a variety of reasons, including cost. Also consider other forms of transportation, including buses and flights. Flying may be less costly than rail travel in some cases.

As for accommodations, there are some newer budget-friendly hotels, such as the Motel One chain based in Germany but expanding elsewhere.

To research flight costs I use One trick: Use the "Explore" button or leave the "Where to?" field blank. You'll see the lowest fares to a variety of destinations.

4. Posted by JorgeCostaRican (Budding Member 2 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the tips, yeah I´m trying to switch things around a little bit to save money.
We are considering also travel to Mexico way cheaper trip, but I'm not lossing hope of Scandinavia.

Now I'm thinking CR-Bergen(tu-we-th-fr)-Stockholm(fr-sat-sun)-Copenhagen(sun-mon-tu-we). (night arrival to Bergen and very early departure according to current schedules)

Could a group of 8 person work renting an apartment? (actually checked but i'm finding other places)
For now these are the "best" deals I have found on accomodation (using february 2023 pricing as reference)

Bergen: Hotel $762 for 8 people / 2 cuadruple rooms 3nights

Stockholm: Hotel $454 for 8 people / 2 rooms of 4 bunkbeds

Copenhagen: Hostel $347 for 8 people 1 romm 8 bunkbeds
(If a whole 8 person takes a room of 8 in a hostel can we lock the door or that isn't an option?)
Making it a total of $195 per person (good deal? can we make a better one?)

And yeah, searching flights they seem cheaper tha a rail pass and quicker but you miss the scenic views

Are the cities passes worth it?

Bergen card is aprox $50(72h)

Stockholm pass is aprox $54(24h) (would be cool to visit viking museums)

Copenhagen card is $64(24h) probably skip this one

The Stockholm one seems priced because they give you a sek limit and with no public transport.
The Copenhagen one seems really expensive overall.

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The city passes - it depends what things you want to do. I usually want to walk around and see the external architecture and the people, more than inside museums.

If you just want one museum, it's probably better to just pay direct for that one.
Or if you have the pass, you will be happier going for a quick look inside lots of places to get out of the weather.

Best viking museum I've seen is the viking ship museum in Oslo.

In Copenhagen I really like Tivoli Gardens in the evening.

Friday you're going from Bergen to Stockholm by train??? It's usually a full day trip to get to Oslo. But that's with the scenic detour to Flåm - the route is Bergen - Myrdal - Flåm - Myrdal - Oslo, with a little time in Flåm to look around. Flåm is at the head of a fjord and gives you a good look at the fjord country.

I'd leave Bergen on the Thursday and have a day to see Oslo.

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