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Was planning a trip to Florida with my family but I read you need a consent form from the father to enter the USA. My daughter is 15 and we have had no contact from her father in over 8 years so will not be getting written consent from him and they was never any child arrangement in place. Has anyone else had this problem and would they really stop us from entering without a consent form. Thanks

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"I read you need a consent form from the father to enter the USA."


Sounds like you are from another country.

You may have to check with your own country first just to see if you can even depart your country.

Your own country may have rules in place where you could be accused of kidnapping. My personal belief that this is a greater problem with much much smaller child than an teenager.

  • *Too bad you are not coming across the Southern Border. The present government in Washington DC does not seem to care if you are a kidnapper with sex workers, you are carrying fentanyl, have contagious diseases, you are wanted criminals or even terrorists. (Google this up if you do not believe me!)

Start with your own country first is my suggestion.

Google check below:,United%20States%20Customs%20and%20Border%20Protection%20(CBP)%20requests%20written%20consent,consent%20must%20be%20in%20English.

Good luck.

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You don't give your citizenship, which is an essential piece of info for any question related to entry requirements though I suspect you are from the UK or Rep Ireland. However, the info below applies to pretty much any citizenship:

If a minor is travelling abroad with no or just one parent a parental consent note is a common entry requirement/advisory. It's not US-specific.

The US Embassy in the UK says:

>Customs and Border Protection (CBP) strongly recommends that unless the child is accompanied by both parents:

the adult have a note from the child’s other parent ......stating “I acknowledge that my wife/husband/etc. is traveling out of the country with my son/daughter. He/She/They has my permission to do so.” CBP also suggests that this note be notarized.

It adds:

>While CBP may not ask to see this documentation, if they do ask, and you do not have it, you may be detained until the circumstances of the child traveling without both parents can be fully assessed.

You ask > would they really stop us from entering without a consent form.. The answer is 'They could.' US Customs have the power to refuse entry and could certainly do so if they wished but that is a decision which can only be made on an individual basis by the officer/s who deal with you.

You may not be asked for any documentation at all but you could be and, with no written consent, you could be taken for secondary (more detailed) questioning.

If there is no chance of you getting a consent note my advice would be to take with you as much documentation as possible that shows your daughter permanently lives with you, that you have custody of her, that you have a fixed return date etc etc

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