Anyone have interest to travel with me(group)

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Hi guys
I am harshitha from india
From my childhood i like travelling because of my parents schedule I didn’t get any chance to visit places i was homeschooled from my childhood

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It will probably be easier to find someone back in your home city. This way you can coordinate your travel plans, budget, find out if sharing rooms, etc.

It might be helpful if you mention if male or female too.

Countries close to India are not that difficult to get to. From reading other forums where tourists from India are frequent posters, it seems that many tourists seem to choose short trips. Countries you are slightly interested in you can easily obtain quick data by simple Google searches.

For any trip you should consider your budget separate from transportation from and back to home. A daily budget will determine how much you can afford for rooms and other daily needs. The month you travel will determine the weather at your destination.

You will need a passport for international travel. For countries you may have an interest in you will have to investigate entry requirements. Some countries may require some "show money" to prove you are capable of self support.

Only you know if you intend to travel within India primarily or internationally.

Good luck.

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You give a good recommendation to Harshithak. I am sure that it will prove useful for her.

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I am Harleen. My passion is traveling. But I didn't go anywhere because my parents were being busy in their life.

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Hello, Ah! sad to hear that you couldn't travel due to your parent's busy routine. But if you are an adult you can travel alone and with your friends. what's say about it?