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I am travelling on a small budget and I’m looking for the cheapest flight Guatemala City to Peru (open to other routes if cheaper, as long as it gets me from A to B) when I was travelling in Mexico I heard there was an economy airline that did internal flights that doesn’t appear on online search results. Just wondering if anyone know the cheapest way for this route? I will be travelling beginning of May - dates flexible.

Skyscanner is showing (USD) $225 + checked in bag.

Any advice much appreciated.


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I'd have thought Guatemala City to Peru is not an "internal" flight.

One thing to watch out for is that some Peruvian airlines offer very cheap to Peruvian nationals or residents (and they check). At least that was the situation several years ago. I found a fantastic cheap flight (online) Arequipa to Cusco but when I tried to book it I couldn't 'cos I wasn't Peruvian/ resident (I can't remember if these flights are for Peruvian nationals or residents).

My experience from several years ago (pre-pandemic) and no idea if still the situation or if things have changed.


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Hi Ian,

Thank you for your reply. I completely agree that it’s not an ‘internal’ flight, that was my poor wording. I was more meaning are there regional airlines that I may not be aware of. Sounds as though there are but thank you for letting me know I may not be eligible to fly with them, I will do some research 👍

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