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1. Posted by tazdeb58 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

hi, im debbie and i asked for advice on an upcoming move which brought me here. in june i plan on moving from wa state to ga. the only real concern is i have a Toyota 2015 rav 4 pulling a 5x8 enclosed trailer and need to find the least steep inclines from salt lake to ok city , ok. also any reasonable places to book and get gas is greatly appreciated, the maps all say take 70 or 80, any advice on which is better? thanks for any and all help. ciao for now.

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Is this a permanent move or just temporary and you have to haul the trailer back to the starting point?

Stupid sounding question - but with a purpose. Will you have passengers sitting in the back seats?

I had two older Rav4's for a long time. I did not need the back seats and took them out. This gave me a smallish van. My Rav's had a flat floor and I would haul all sorts of stuff, some of it heavy like concrete blocks, bags of concrete, etc. So, if not a permanent move (and back seats are not needed) you might get by with what you can stuff in your Rav. But if there will be passengers in back then forget about that suggestion.

A few times I hauled stuff like beams and boards on my roof as well as inside. My Rav's had roof racks. The few times I pulled a trailer it was a pain in the @$$!

Can't help you with the route to take. One suggestion is an auto association like AAA. In the olden days before computers they used to plan routes.

As far as gas goes, I don't let the gas tank go below the halfway point when on long distance trips.

Good luck anyway.

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It makes a difference where you are starting out - Seattle or Spokane? If you are in Spokane and you can get over to South Dakota, it is pretty flat from there on. If you are starting In Seattle, I'd go down the coast to LA and then straight across the southern US. But that will take longer

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Cut south to Interstate 40. That is about as flat as it gets. Beautiful country too. The idea of going south to Los Angeles and cutting east is very good and something to think about. Take I-5 to Bakersfield and I-40 to Oklahoma City or even as far as Memphis and then cut southeast to wherever you are going in Georgia.

Of course this all depends on where in Washington you are starting . . . and where in Georgia you are going. I'm thinking Seattle to Atlanta.

Good luck.

5. Posted by tazdeb58 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Actually it's a one way , just me and starting outside of olympia. I mainly need advice as to 70 or 80.? Which is less mountainous? Uhaul only gives 10 days before charging more and moving to savannah. Like I said anyone know if 70 or 80 is better? Thanks ya all, for everyone who responded. Ciao, debbie

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