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11. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 5319 posts) 5d Star this if you like it!

>Would you know if there are any delays around the Bologna area at all? From the floods?

There may have been some flood-related delays, restrictions and cancellations though I'm not aware of any major issues. But you're not going until November? Any flood effects will be long past by then!

There's no point even thinking about the tiny chance of floods in November when any train journey in Europe is far more likely to be affected by engineering works, train breakdowns, driver issues (i.e. not turning up for work) or strikes...and the chance of any of those happening to a train you want is pretty tiny too!

I think the Italian version of the Trenitalia site may give notification of cancellations etc when possible. It also has a search option by date for planned engineering works. Scroll down to 'Lavori Programmati' on this page:

12. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 5319 posts) 5d Star this if you like it!

There's an official site which gives the dates of all pre-planned Italian transport strkes ('scioperi'). It's in Italian, obviously, but it's pretty simple to use. Go to

Click 'Leggio Tutte' (see all) under 'Calendrio Scioperi' (strike calendar).

Strikes are given in date order, listed by commune and type. You want 'Trasporto ferroviario' (rail transport).

You can search dates and/or commune by using the boxes on the left

13. Posted by Treensbert (Respected Member 308 posts) 5d Star this if you like it!

Wow, that's amazing, thank you!!

I'll check out the links (thank you so much for telling me what to click, usually I have a bit of fun roaming through Italian words to find what I need)!! That's what I was wondering about, if it would be okay in that sense by then. It seems like the floods have hit the area so hard that I'm having a hard time figuring out the extent of the damage or if it is a smart idea at all to keep trying to go there while people are still trying to patch themselves up with all that's going on. I've been scouring forums to try get the feel of what people were saying. This is really good, though, thank you.

Bologna would be easier for us via train since I can stick my husband on it and let him do any residual marking he needs to do (he's a teacher on a break during these times), and let him stretch or get up, or whatever. We're both getting all weird and old when sedentary for too long now, and he's an extra special grump if I made him go through a train ride that was really long. Bologna kind of JUST reaches the border of his limitations, I think, before he turns into a REALLY grumpy grump :) I'm also being pretty picky since I want him to start sampling the cuisine from Emilia-Romagna or Tuscany. His deepest hobby is cooking and he loves Italian cuisine over all others.

Thank you again for all your help and tips! I've been trapped in Canada since Covid, so I'm looking forward to our trip!

14. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 5319 posts) 5d Star this if you like it!

I'm certain your trip will be absolutely fine. I assume you're intending to focus on Bologna (and Ravenna, please!) so you really don't need to worry about the after-effects of the flooding. For obvious reasons, it's primarily the rural areas have been hardest hit and your visit is anyway still 5 months away.

Have a brilliant time! :-)

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