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So we will be traveling full time in a truck camper pulling a boat, and we are wondering how everyone has chosen their domicile state, and if you would share your experience. Thank you

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Odd question.


I can only speak for where I live, USA. Are you asking about a particular country or anywhere in the world?

Working for the government, I have lived overseas and in other states. But still with residence for taxes and drivers license back home.

My domicile state is pretty much not far from where I was born and raised. In this area I have relatives, school ties, drivers license, banks and friends.

However, there are circumstances when cities and entire states in my country have embraced political policies that have made it either unsafe or too expensive for ordinary citizens to thrive. Then there is an exodus to other states where it is safer and with more jobs. Some people in my country may change locations where their children can graduate from school actually being able to read and write properly! Free Google type searches can be helpful.

Are you looking for a particular place you can call home so you have lower taxes on your vehicles and home? Safer for when your home is left vacant? Better schools? Perhaps, no snow and cold to deal with? No extradition treaty?

So, what part of the world are you asking about?

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My apologies I should have been more specific. I live in the USA and will be traveling full time, therefore needing a domicile state. Many full timers use a mail service that will give them a physical address so the mail can be delivered, taxes paid ect. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has done this. Its not an odd question very common for full time travelers.

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"I live in the USA ..."


Hmmm! What's wrong with your hometown? No matter where I was in the world my hometown has been my primary domicile of record. Pay taxes, renew license, vote, etc.

I can pay bills from anywhere using the internet, I can track my pension deposits in my bank accounts online, I can move money around using Bill Pay on my bank websites. Even transfer money between bank accounts using Bill Pay or their free transfer service.

Snail-mail. Quick Google type search shows some possible forwarders. In one location long enough I think the US Post Office still has General Delivery.

If you have no particular preference, my suggestion would be a state with low taxes, good schools if you have little "ankle-biters," safe cities and a low crime rate. Use different search engines for info on safe cities with low crime and states with good management and low taxes. Use more than one search engine.

Good luck.