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Does anybody ve experience with actual Situation to widrawing Money on Cashmachines in Argentina ? I don t want to go with too much Money in my bag....

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I have not been to Argentina. However, if I were going there I would do something as simple as a free Google type search with my computer. I came up with quite a few links.

Quick look shows high fees and low withdrawal limits.

So, do a free search and see if something useful comes up.

Good luck.

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If I were traveling to Argentina I would bring U.S. dollars, preferably pristine notes with no markings or tears, as I have done several times in the past. See these links:




A friend's son and grandson recently visited Buenos Aires and also brought U.S. dollars to pay or exchange.

A secure way to bring cash is to wear a money belt. I have one made of silk. Many hotels have safes to stash valuables, so you need only to carry as much cash as you anticipate you will need each day. Put the money in a readily accessible yet secure pocket (preferably with zipper or Velcro).

I usually travel for extended periods and always bring cash, even though I use my VISA credit cards for major purchases (accommodations and transportation). The amount of cash (U.S. dollars and/or euros) varies with the destinations as well as length of travel. I always check to see the amounts allowed without the need to declare it with customs.

If you still have qualms, do what you think is best. Yes, the official exchange rate is likely to be unfavorable to you. But you will feel better. Simply accept it as part of your cost of travel to Argentina, where the inflation rate is among the world's highest, exceeded only by countries such as Venezuela, Syria, Zimbabwe and Lebanon.

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Down load the Western Union app.
Buy the Argentina Pesos and collect them from a Western Union bank.
You will get one of the highest exchange rate.
Dont use an ATM, you weill get the official exchange rate