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I've been using Travellerspoint for some time, and periodically, it will display the chosen route as a plane flight, rather than as driving. I now notice that this is happening almost all the time.
Is there a means of stopping this?

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Looking at your map, everything looks as I'd expect it, for both flights and driving. Could you clarify exactly what is happening?

1) A road segment on an existing trip, which previously displayed as driving, (sometimes/always?) shows as a curved line when you look at the map?
2) When adding a new stop to a trip, and selecting the car as the travel option, it still shows a curved line?

I'm assuming that it's the second. This happens (obviously) when forgetting to select the travel mode (so leaving it on the default of plane - you can tell by the trip display on the left showing a plane icon rather than a car icon). But it also happens when no route along the road can be found to the new destination. Travellerspoint depends on an external service for these routes.
a) Sometimes the name of the destination is unknown at that service, or that service simply doesn't know about any roads leading there.
b) Sometimes that service has technical problems, and doesn't respond with any route suggestions.

I thought that in both these cases, travellerspoint would default to showing a straight line, rather than a curved line, but I might be wrong there. Anyway, you can fix it afterward by clicking on the car icon in the trip display, which will show a colored bar saying "By car", and containing an "edit" link. Click that, and you'll be presented with all the options which the external service knows for travelling that stretch. If there are none, you can still pick Custom route, although it might be easier to edit the destination and try a nearby place instead to see if any routes there are known (e.g. national parks tend to be problematic, in which case a nearby city might work).

Regardless of what the problem is, since you say this has suddenly started happening all the time, there might be a code bug in play (as well). The next time you experience this, while still on the page showing the map, could you hit F12 to open your browser's developer tools, switch to the "Console" tab (in the strip at the top), and copy any errors which show up in there? Hopefully that'll contain some information which will allow Peter (the admin) to tell for certain what's going on.

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Thanks sander, I think you're to about clicking the car icon and editing the entry has worked.
Thanks very much.