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We travelled from Acton, MA to Albany, NY, to Lake George, NY. We then traveled back to Acton from Lake George via a completely different route through Vermont and New Hampshire. The map seems to have put the route from Lake George to Acton as the same route we took up there. How do I change the route shown for the Lake George to Acton leg?


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Two options:
1) (available for everyone) pick one or more spots along the second route where you stopped, and enter it/them as a separate stop in your trip until the route looks like it should. (When adding a stop, during the second step, you can choose where along the trip to insert it; the default is at the end, but you can use the selectbox to pick an earlier point.)
2) (available to supporters only; thanks for being one!) View your trip, and then click on the car icon for the leg you want to change. It'll expand to a colored bar showing the traveled distance, and a small "edit" link. Click that to change the transport option. (That part is available to everyone). As a supporter, you'll see that the bottom option is "Custom route", which allows you to 'draw' any route you like, rather than just the shortest driving route. How to do this is not quite intuitive, but once you've done it a few times, it works pretty well. The main trick is that there's a midway point along the line, which you can drag to be anywhere. Once you let go, the two segments to this old midway point, gain draggable midway points of their own. In this way, you can create a quick sketch "first east, then south", or put in the effort to follow every curve and sidetrack along the road which you took.

Obviously you can also combine the two methods.

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