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1. Posted by chris132 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

hello im from ireland im heading to thailand end of year any travellers out ther going the same time

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Thailand is a perfect place for solo travellers - loads of places where foreigners can meet up or even join up and travel y=together.

Remember although Thailand is a "soft" destination don't leave your common sense behind. Petty crime is rare but be wary of foreigners as much as Thai people.

December is the cool dry season for most of Thailand but of particular not the Samui Archipelago can be very wet until the end of December or beginning of Jan

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Many people visit Thailand alone. Men, women, kids in college, etc. I have come across older retirees both men and women on solo visits. Thailand is tourist friendly!

Bangkok, visit to Chiang Mai and a beach visit gives you a little bit of Thailand for a first visit. For me, a visit to Bangkok would be cheaper than a visit to London.

December is high season. (Many tourists from colder climates visit to escape cold and snow.) Some airlines have higher prices for flights than other months of the year. Tourists visit Thailand every day of the year, no matter if hot, rainy or high season.

Google type search will give you some "Thailand specific" forums.

Work up a budget for day to day spending minus the cost of your round trip plane tickets. Most major foreign currencies easy change in Thailand. (Euros, UK pounds, US dollars, etc.)

Review your entry requirements. (Google type search and Thai Embassy or Consulate websites can be helpful.)

You can not show up and enter free with a one way flight. (You need Proof Of Onward Flight. POOF) For me, round trip is cheaper than 2 one way flights. Do the math!

Thailand is easy to visit. Like visiting any new country research scams to avoid. For any country you visit for the first time always helpful to learn how to say Hello and Thank You in their language. Thailand is English friendly. Many signs in English and Thai. You will find shopkeepers, hotel managers, bar employees know enough English to make it easy to get around or they will grab a friend who can help.

Do some research on your own before showing up.

Good luck.

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I am from Bethesda, MD USA
Visited Thailand many times in last 20 years. It is one of the most budgeted city in the world.
I mostly stays at presidential park hotel in sukhumvit 24

My wife was my best companion to see the world in the past.

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We just LOVED Thailand, but Bali was even better.

Have written two article on each...see them here...


Happy travels :)

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