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I have signed up on this forum to find someone to go backpacking. This is because, i struggle to find people to go hiking/backpacking and travelling at places that are rather far away. Therefore, if you like hiking or backpacking through national parks on this world, you can respond to this topic.

I dont mind the destination but preferably a nationalpark. I am aiming to go between June/July/August.

I am 25 years old and study and live in Aberdeen Sctoland, though my nationality is german haha if that helps.

Looking forward to hear from anyone.

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Your best bet is someone from back home who knows you, or maybe one of your classmates. This way you both know what you are getting for a travel companion.

There may be some volunteer opportunities like Earthwatch that you can sign up for. You do pay for this but you have a group situation doing something for the environment, animal husbandry, archaeology, etc.

You do pay for this but you have a ready made group known to the organization. (Not like someone you do not know who could be an ax murderer!)

  • When I retired early I did 3 expeditions with Earthwatch before heading out on my own. One in Indonesia for "save the environment stuff" and 2 in Thailand on archaeology digs. Where you go depends on the weather.

Up to you.

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It's hard to clearly define and prepare an itinerary, we don't know anything about your condition and experience, what you really expect from such a trip. I recently spent a week in the forest, and I'll tell you that the most important thing, however, is to be sensible, to have a map, to have equipment and to define at least a preliminary plan of action.

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