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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 7208 posts) 15w Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone, I have something new to announce for a change

I've added a few new styles to choose from for your maps.

First up, I've updated the default style to something with a slight bit of colour in it. It's still very subtle and should be a good basis for showing trips. This will be applied automatically for anyone who was using the default style. This style also fixes a bug that popped up where the labels shown were using the local language rather than English. The old default style is retired and not in use any more. If you prefer a fully grey style, you can apply the Light style if you are a Supporting Member for a similar style.

Next up are two new styles for Supporting Members


A stark black and white style. I'd recommend making all your trip lines red and a bit fatter for a very punchy looking map.



For the artistically inclined. This is very much a style over substance kind of map. But it's just too fun not to offer! It provides only the basemap with no labels on it at all.


Looking forward to seeing these on your maps in the wild!